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Texas Department of Insurance
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April 11, 2023

Keep batteries out of trash and recycling bins. You have better options.


Batteries are a part of our daily lives; they power cars, phones, household devices, and much more! But improper disposal of batteries can be a possible fire hazard. Avoid putting batteries into dumpsters, trash cans, recycling bins, or compost bins.

Instead, use these safe disposal tips:

  • It’s best for the environment to take batteries to a retail recycler or a community household hazardous waste collection site. Home improvement and other retail stores sometimes recycle batteries.

    If you’re unable to remove a battery from the device it powers, take the whole device to an electronics store or a household hazardous waste collection site for disposal.

  • It’s against Texas law to put lead-acid car or truck batteries in your trash. Take your used battery to an automotive parts store or a hazardous household waste recycling facility. Plan to pay a small fee.
  • Lithium-ion batteries can cause fires and explosions if they are punctured. Do not place these batteries in your regular household trash or recycling. Instead, seal each battery’s electrical contacts – or terminals – with electrical tape. Or, put each battery in a separate container before taking them to a hazardous waste collection site.