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Texas Department of Insurance
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October 28, 2021

Does insurance cover treatment for mental health and substance use disorders?

If you’re dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, or substance abuse issues, your insurance should help cover your treatment—just like it would with a medical issue.

In our latest video, we asked Cindy Wright in TDI’s Customer Operations what Texans should know about insurance coverage for mental health and substance use disorders.

  • Most health insurance plans cover services for mental health and substance use disorders. If you aren’t sure, check your policy or contact your insurance company.
  • The law guarantees “parity” for most health plans, which means health plans must cover mental health and substance abuse treatment the same as medical health. Learn more on our How to get help with a mental health issue
  • If your mental health insurance claim is denied, you may be able to file an appeal with your insurance company or ask for an external review.
  • Texas Health and Human Services has resources to help you get access to mental health and substance use treatment through your insurance plan.

If you have questions about appealing an insurance claim or the claims process, call the TDI Help Line at 800-252-3439.

For more information, see our webpage, Insurance coverage and parity for mental health and substance use disorder services.