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Texas Department of Insurance
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March 3, 2022

Ask these questions before you buy and insure your home

Owning and insuring a home is a big deal. You’ll want to ask questions before you buy.

Here are a few questions that could affect how much you pay for home insurance:

  • How far away are emergency services like the fire department? Is it a paid fire station or a volunteer fire department?
  • Is the home in an area that has flooded in the past? Flood damage is not covered by most home insurance. You’ll need a separate flood policy to cover rising water.
  • Have there been past insurance claims on this home? Ask the owner for a CLUE report; it shows claims filed for a property over recent years.
  • Check if the home has features that could reduce the risk of future claims. Is the roof new? Does the home have an alarm system or fire sprinklers? Such safety features could qualify you for an insurance discount.

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