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Texas Department of Insurance
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Continuing education information for course providers

All education providers should use Sircon to create and manage their accounts.

Agents or adjusters: You can find your continuing education information by going to the agent and adjuster licensing webpage. You can then click on your license type and then on “Continuing education credits.”

Provider registration

Before courses can be submitted for approval, you must first have an active provider registration with TDI.

Apply online using Sircon.

  • You will need to create a Sircon account to submit applications and manage your education program.
  • The fee is $50.

Course registration

Each continuing education (CE) course or pre-licensing education (PE) credit must be pre-approved by TDI.

To get TDI pre-approval, submit your course application using your Sircon account.

The fee is $10 per credit hour for CE courses. There is no state fee for PE courses.

The following attachments must be uploaded with your course application.

  • Home state provider approval if your resident state isn’t Texas.
  • A statement identifying the knowledge, skills, or abilities the licensee is expected to obtain through completion of the course.
  • A detailed, timed outline with major topics and sub-topics. The amount of time spent on each major topic needs to be reflected on the outline.
  • Documentation supporting the hour calculation method for the course, see Title 28 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 19.1010 (2).
  • If a webinar, a narrative of how the course complies with the specific requirements stated in 28 TAC 19.1009(g).
  • If for a classroom equivalent course, a narrative description of how the course complies with the specific requirements stated in 28 TAC 19.1009(h), and screen prints of two interactive inquiries showing a total of ten questions.
  • If course is self-study, adjuster pre-licensing or small employer health benefit plan specialty certification, a copy of one exam.
  • An exam guide (construct) indicating which questions fall into the required categories for the course below:
    • Adjuster pre-licensing courses, see TAC 19.1018 and guide below.
    • Long Term Care Partnership Certification courses, see 28 TAC 19.1022.
    • Medicare-Related Product Certification courses, see 28 TAC 19.1024.
    • Small Employer Health Benefit Plan Specialty Certification courses, see 28 TAC 19.1026.
  • Provider refund policy.

Course completion reports

Upon delivery of a certified course, providers are required to report the course completions to TDI.

  • To report course completions to TDI, submit them online using your Sircon account:
    1. From the Online Services Menu click Education.
    2. Click the Continuing Education Course Completion link.
    3. Select Texas.
    4. Select the provider name from the drop down menu and click Submit.
    5. Select the course for the roster being processed by clicking on the relating course ID number.
    6. Choose the Submission Method (SSN, License Number, or NPN) of the information that will be supplied to submit the roster.
    7. Enter the Course Completion Date and the information relating to the Submission Method chosen (SSN, License Number, or NPN).
    8. Click Submit (click the Submit button only once).
  • The fee for CE course completions is $0.88 per credit hour, per person.
  • The fee for PE course completions is $5 per person, per course.


Both provider registrations and certified courses must be renewed every two years to maintain an active status. Renewals become available 90 days before expiration and should be submitted using your Sircon account.

  • The fee to renew a provider registration is $50.
  • The fee to renew a CE course is $10 per credit hour. There is no fee to renew a PE course.
  • Fees are not refundable in whole or in part. This includes when a course is rejected or certified for fewer hours than requested on the application.
  • If you fail to maintain an active status on your provider registration, all registered courses will also become inactive.


Automatic fines have been established for such things as providing a course to students before it is certified by TDI or after certification has expired.

Read TAC 19.1016 to become familiar with all circumstances where an automatic fine may be assessed on course providers.

Texas Administrative Code rules

All providers are strongly encouraged to read the rules that are referenced in the table below. In general, only courses that deal with technical aspects of insurance coverages, laws, regulations, consumer protection and ethics are certifiable.

Rules by topic

The table below provides references to the continuing education rules for course providers. The rules are located in the Texas Administrative Code, and can be easily retrieved through the Texas Administrative Code Search Tool. For example, to locate 19.602, at the search screen, enter:

Title Number: 28
Chapter Number: 19
Rule Number: 602

Section Topics
19.602 Adjuster renewal and reexamination requirements
19.1001 General provisions
19.1002 Definitions of terms used in rule
19.1005 Provider registration, instructors, speakers
19.1006 Course topics and criteria
19.1007 Course submission, expiration, resubmission
19.1008 Course advertising, modification, assignment
19.1009 Types of courses
19.1010 Determination of hours of course credit
19.1011 Requirements for successful course completion (CE)
19.1012 Forms and Fees
19.1014 Provider compliance records
19.1015 Failure to comply (licensee and provider)
19.1016 Automatic fines (licensee and provider)
19.1017 Adjuster prelicense course and examination requirements
19.1018 Adjuster examination topics
19.1019 Full time home office salaried employees

Exam guide for adjuster prelicensing courses

When submitting an application for course certification for adjuster prelicensing, you must include an exam guide that shows how the questions fall into required categories as described in TAC 19.1018. See example:

Exam guide sample
Requirement Topic Question numbers Number of questions % of total
3% Standard Fire Policy 1-4 4 2.70%
3% Auto Liability 5-9 5 3.30%
10% Personal Lines Coverage 10-24 15 10.00%
10% Commercial Lines Coverage 25-39 15 10.00%
2% Inland Marine 40-42 3 2.00%
2% Ocean Marine 43-45 3 2.00%
7% Additional Coverages, Exclusions, & Extensions 46-55 10 6.70%
3% Bonds 56-59 4 2.70%
40% Insurance Terms & Related Concepts 60-119 60 40.00%
7% Licensing Requirements 120-129 10 6.70%
7% Marketing Practices 130-140 11 7.30%
3% Adjuster Practices, Responsibilities, & Duties 141-145 5 3.30%
3% Workers' Compensation 146-150 5 3.30%



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Last updated: 7/25/2022