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Texas Department of Insurance
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Commissioner Bulletins - 2018

Bulletin Number Date Issued Reference Subject
B-0020-18 December 14, 2018 Texas Disallowed Expense Data Call for Calendar Year 2017 Experience Property and Casualty - Data Services
B-0019-18 December 12, 2018 2018 title insurance underwriters data call Property and Casualty - Data Services
B-0018-18 December 12, 2018 2018 Call for Annual Experience and Workers' Compensation Deductible Plans Property and Casualty - Data Services
B-0017-18 November 19, 2018 Annual Change to the Medical Fee Guideline Conversion Factors as Established in Title 28 Texas Administrative Code §134.203 Division of Workers' Compensation
B-0016-18 November 12, 2018 Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association Rates Property and Casualty - Actuarial
B-0015-18 September 20, 2018 2018 title insurance data call Property and Casualty - Data Services
B-0014-18 September 20, 2018 Credit Data Call – 2017 Credit Life and Credit Accident and Health Insurance Life and Health
B-0013-18 August 3, 2018 Change to regulation of small employer health plans Life and Health
B-0002-18A June 7, 2018 FAIR Plan Association Assessment and Recoupment Property and Casualty
B-0012-18 June 4, 2018 2018 Price Comparisons Property and Casualty - Data Services
B-0011-18 May 11, 2018 Special Data Call for 2017 Commercial Property and Businessowners Direct Written Premium in the Texas Catastrophe Area Property and Casualty - Data Services
B-0010-18 May 1, 2018 Long-term care rate increases Life and Health
B-0009-18 May 1, 2018 Federal tax changes and rate filings Property and Casualty - Actuarial
B-0008-18 April 26, 2018 Terrorism Risk Insurance Data Call Consumer
B-0007-18 April 18, 2018 Extension of the Deadline for TWIA Claimants to Demand Appraisal for Claims Arising from Hurricane Harvey Property and Casualty
B-0005-18 March 30, 2018 2017 Mandated Benefits Data Call Relating to Data Collection under Texas Administrative Code, Title 28, §§21.3401 – 21.3409 Life and Health
B-0006-18 March 29, 2018 Call for House Bill 10 Data Collection under Insurance Code Chapter 1355, Subchapter F Life and Health
B-0003-18 March 7, 2018 Health Care Claims Reimbursement Rate Report Data Call Life and Health
B-0002-18 February 1, 2018 FAIR Plan Association Assessment and Recoupment Consumer
B-0001-18 January 10, 2018 TRANSITION TO FEDERAL EXTERNAL REVIEW PROCESS Life and Health