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Archived File – for Reference Use.
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Subchapter K. Agents and Adjusters Continuing Education Program

28 TAC §§19.1007-19.1013

Subchapter V. Registration of Full Time Home Office Salaried Employees

28 TAC §19.3006

The Commissioner of Insurance adopts the repeal of §§19.1007 -19.1013 and 19.3006 concerning continuing education for agents, adjusters and full-time home office salaried employees. The repeal is adopted without changes to the proposal as published in the September 13, 2002 issue of the Texas Register (27 TexReg 8720) and will not be republished.

Repeal of these sections is necessary to implement legislation enacted by the 77th Legislature in Senate Bill 414. Simultaneous to this adopted repeal, the Commissioner has adopted new §§19.1007 - 19.1019 and amendments to §§19.1001 - 19.1006, which have been published elsewhere in this issue of the Texas Register

The purpose of this repeal is to remove sections that are being renumbered, reorganized, and revised to implement Senate Bill 414 and provide the maintenance of a quality continuing education system for agents, adjusters, and full-time home office salaried employees.

No comments were received.

The repeal of the sections is adopted under Insurance Code Articles 21.01; 21.01-1; 21.01-2; 21.07-1; 21.07-2; 21.07-4; 21.11; 21.14; 21.14-2; and §36.001. Insurance Code Article 21.01 §§3(1) and 4 make Insurance Code Chapter 21, Subchapter A, applicable to all agent and adjuster license types and authorizes the commissioner to adopt rules necessary to implement the subchapter. Article 21.01-1 §§1-3 establish examination standards and requirements and a continuing education requirement for license holders and authorizes the commissioner to set by rule extensions of time to complete continuing education, exemptions from continuing education, and standards and fees for certification of courses and providers. Article 21.01-2 establishes prohibited activities, license revocation, agent discipline, and judicial review of department actions. Article 21.07-1 §§5, 5B, and 6 provide for continuing education requirements and exemptions for funeral prearrangement and life insurance not exceeding $15,000 agents. Article 21.07-2 §§9 and 10 apply continuing education requirements to life and health insurance counselors and authorize the commissioner to adopt rules. Article 21.07-4 §§7A, 12, and 24 establish continuing education requirements for adjusters and authorize the commissioner to adopt rules. Article 21.11 §§2 and 5 provide continuing education standards for nonresidents and authorize the commissioner to adopt rules. Article 21.14 §§7, 8 and 9 establish a continuing education requirement for full-time home office salaried employees, insurance service representatives, and county mutual agents. Article 21.14 - 2 §§2 and 5 concern the acceptance of continuing education hours certified under the guidelines of the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and authorize the commissioner to adopt rules. Section 36.001 provides that the Commissioner of Insurance may adopt rules to execute the duties and functions of the Texas Department of Insurance only as authorized by statute.

§19.1007. Types of Courses.

§19.1008. Hours of Credit.

§19.1009. Course Requirements for Successful Completion.

§19.1010. Obtain Forms.

§19.1011. Licensee Compliance.

§19.1012. Provider Compliance.

§19.1013. Failure to Comply.

§19.3006. Continuing Education Requirements.

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