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August 2007 Self-Evaluation Report [ PDF ]

Transmittal Letter to Sunset Advisory Commission PDF Copy of Complete Sunset Self-Evaluation Report

Cover Page

Section I. Agency Contact Information

Section II. Key Functions and Performance

Section III. History and Major Events

Section IV. Policymaking Structure

Section V. Funding

Section VI. Organization

Section VII. Guide to Agency Programs

- Administrative Operations

- Commissioner's Area

- Consumer Protection

- Enforcement Program

- Financial Program

- Fraud Unit

- Life, Health and Licensing

- Legal Services Program

- Property and Casualty Program

- Workers' Compensation Research and Evaluation Group

- State Fire Marshal's Office

Section VIII. Statutory Authority and Recent Legislation

Section IX. Policy Issues

Section X. Other Contacts

Section XI. Additional Information

Section XII. Agency Comments

Attachments - Objects of Expense by Program

- Fees Collected by Agency

- Contracted Expenditures ( Methods of Accountability and Expenditures by Program)

- July 2007 Organizational Chart

- List of Required Attachments

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