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Texas Department of Insurance
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Effective return to work practices for employers

Prácticas efectivas de regreso al trabajo para empleadores en español

Employers experience lower cost, reduced lost time and eliminate possibilities for fraud and malingering by providing opportunities for their injured workers to continue to do productive work while they are recovering.

Because injured workers who stay at work or who are returned to productive work, as soon as possible following an injury, require less medical care and experience less disability, workers' compensation medical costs are significantly reduced. Employees are earning wages so there are no weekly benefits being paid. In addition to reducing employer workers' compensation costs, employees do not suffer the sometimes dire financial and family consequences of unnecessary lost time and are more able to maintain their normal life style.

To help employers develop their own return to work procedures, Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) offers individual consultations, workshops, seminars, training, and an employer resource guide, "Making Return to Work - Work - for you and your employees." (PDF) Learn about the benefits and purpose of early return to work and how to implement a successful process by arranging for any of these services or requesting the guide. There is no cost for these services or assistance. The guide includes a procedural outline, sample forms and provides useful suggestions. It can be copied and edited if desired. The guide is available in printed form or may be downloaded from this website.

Material presented during the seminar, consultations, or training, covers the development and implementation of effective return to work practices and includes discussions of difficult issues typically faced by employers. There is ample opportunity for questions and for sharing information among those attending. All participants receive a copy of the employer's resource manual mentioned above. There is no charge for the seminar, however sponsors are requested to help with travel costs when possible. For adjusters, the Texas Department of Insurance has approved this seminar for continuing education units.

To arrange for a seminar or consultation, to receive printed copies of the employers guide, or if you want more information or have questions, call or e-mail or call Amy Rich, Return to Work Education Coordinator at 512-804-4809.

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Last updated: 2/15/2022