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Texas Department of Insurance
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TWCC Advisories from Past Years

2004 Advisories
Number Posted Subject
2004-13 12/23/2004 Revision of the TWCC-68 and TWCC-70
2004-02 3/30/2004 Third Party Litigation (Subrogation) Claim Processing
2003 Advisories
Number Posted Subject
2003-21 12/12/03 Medical Fee Disputes Involving Pharmacies and Usual and Customary Charges
2003-20 11/07/03 Status of Doctors Providing Health Care to Old Law Claimants
2003-09 07/14/03 Determining Fair and Reasonable Reimbursement for Ambulatory Surgical Center Care
2003-08 07/07/03 Workers' Compensation Medical Dispute Resolution
2003-06 05/19/03 Foreign Asset Control Regulations and the Insurance Industry
2003-05 05/08/03 Clarification on the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Disclosures to the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission, effective May 6, 2003
2003-01 01/21/03 Voluntary Certification of Health Care and Advisory 98-06
2002 Advisories
Number Subject
2002-16 Processing of Medical Bills When There Has Been Other Report of Injury
2002-03B Medical Fee Dispute Resolution - Identification of Health Care Provider
2002-03 Medical Fee Dispute Resolution - Medical Signatures
2001 Advisories
Number Subject
2001-03B Preauthorization Process and Access to Medical Dispute Resolution Addendum
2001-03 Preauthorization Process and Access to Medical Dispute Resolution
1999 Advisories
Number Subject
99-01 Notice of Form Revision and Fee Requirement
1998 Advisories
Number Subject
98-06 Confirmation of Medical Benefits Coverage
98-03 Documentation and Medical Bill Review
98-01 Medical Dispute Resolution Requests Related to Invalidation of 1992 Acute Care Inpatient Hospital Fee Guideline
1996 Advisories
Number Subject
96-15 Reporting Occupational Diseases
1995 Advisories
Number Subject
95-09 Claim Payment Escrow Account Depletion - Failure to Pay Benefits in Accordance with the Code
95-01 New Forms TWCC-153 and TWCC-155; Confidential Claim File Information Requests by Legal Representatives
1994 Advisories
Number Subject
94-10 Statutory Requirements for Court Settlements and Agreed Judgements
94-06 Improper Benefit Review Conference Agreements
1993 Advisories
Number Subject
93-09 Instructions for Adjustment to Average Weekly Wage for Seasonal Employees During the Temporary Income Benefit Period