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Texas Department of Insurance
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Electronic filing options

Create a profile in TXCOMP | Tips for successExchange documents through SFTP | Online filing of insurance forms

Upload documents in TXCOMP

Any workers’ compensation system participant can upload documents through TXCOMP, such as:

  • Designated doctor requests (DWC032).
  • Medical reports (DWC068, DWC069, DWC073 and Narrative).
  • Plain language notices required to be sent to DWC.
  • Insurance forms (DWC027, DWC121, DWC030, DWC153, DWC156, DWC20SI, DWC005 and DWC007).
  • Hearings documents or BRC exchange.
  • Contest case hearing documents or exhibits.
  • Appeals documents.
  • Medical fee disputes (DWC060 and Attachments).
  • Subsequent Injury Fund reimbursement requests.
  • Any other DWC form.
  • Any other document type.

Create a profile in TXCOMP to upload documents

Anyone can create a profile in TXCOMP to upload electronic documents to DWC and get a printable receipt.

  1. Go to TXCOMP.
  2. Select Online Access Request from the Main Menu.
  3. Complete the online request process.
  4. Log on to your profile using the user ID and password you created through the online request process.
  5. The Upload Document page displays.
  6. Instructions to upload documents.

Tips to successfully upload documents in TXCOMP:

  • Files format must be one of the following:
    • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx),
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx),
    • Read-only Portable Document Format (.pdf), or
    • Tagged Image Format (.tif and .tiff).
  • Files size must be less than 10MB.
  • File name must be less than 60 characters.
  • These special characters are not allowed in the file name: <  >   :   “   /   \   |   ?   *   ,   ;   -

Note: Compressed or "zipped" files are not accepted.

Email for help with uploading documents. For technical help call TXCOMP at 888-489-2667 or email

Exchange documents through DWC secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) box

Austin carrier representatives, insurance carriers, and other professional organizations can use SFTP boxes to securely exchange documents electronically with DWC including:

  • Benefit Review Conference (BRC) Exchange, Contested Case Hearing (CCH) exhibits.
  • Subsequent Injury Fund reimbursement requests.
  • Audit and complaint filings.
  • DWC forms and indemnity dispute filings.
  • Medical fee dispute resolution filings.
  • Office of the Medical Advisor filings.
  • Other filings.

Getting started

To request a DWC SFTP box, email including the company name, contact name, title, email, phone, and fax.

Using the DWC SFTP box

SFTP boxes include “To_DWC” and “From_DWC” subfolders. Place filings in the “To_DWC” subfolder. All filings will be stamped with the date received and a copy will be placed in the “From_DWC” subfolder. More information on SFTP file exchange can be found in the Quick guide for document exchange.

For certain filings, such as BRC exchange and CCH exhibits, an Excel spreadsheet, acknowledging all documents received, is created daily and placed in the “From_DWC” subfolder.

File naming and standards

To ensure efficient delivery of filings, use the DWC form type followed by the DWC claim number if available in the naming convention. More information on file naming conventions for specific documents can be found in the guide below.

DWC SFTP Standards Guide.

Other requirements

  • DWC only accepts read-only Portable Document Format (.pdf) documents in the SFTP folder.
  • There is no size limit, however if you must upload files larger than 1 GB, place them in the root directory (where you can see both the “To_DWC” and “From_DWC” folders). When the upload finishes, move the file to the “To_DWC” folder.
  • Remove your files in the “From_DWC” subfolder upon receipt.
  • DWC will remove files delivered in the “From_DWC” subfolder after 30 days.

Email for help with uploading documents or when a password reset is needed.

Online filing of insurance forms

Electronic filing – online forms (

Last updated: 12/18/2023