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Texas Department of Insurance
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Electronic filing, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) box information, and electronic insurance carrier representative boxes

SFTP box standardsQuick guide for document exchangeDWC SFTP noticesFrequently asked technical questions | Instructions to upload documents

NEW - Create a profile in TXCOMP to upload documents

Anyone can create a profile in TXCOMP to upload electronic documents to the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation and get a printable receipt.

  1. Go to TXCOMP.
  2. Select Online Access Request from the Main Menu.
  3. Complete the online request process.
  4. Log on to your profile using the user ID and password you created through the online request process.
  5. The Upload Document page displays.

Tips to successfully upload documents in TXCOMP:

  • Files format must be one of the following:
    • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx),
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx),
    • Read-only Portable Document Format (.pdf), or
    • Tagged Image Format (.tif and .tiff).
  • Files size must be less than 10MB.
  • File name must be less than 60 characters.
  • These special characters are not allowed in the file name: <   >   :   “   /   \   |   ?   *   ,   ;   -

 Note: Compressed or "zipped" files are not accepted.

Learn more… 

Email for help with uploading documents.  For technical help call the TXCOMP help line at 888-489-2667 or email

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) offers electronic filing options through SFTP and acknowledgements for filings sent by fax. 

SFTP boxes for filing Benefit Review Conference (BRC) exchange, Contested Case Hearing (CCH) exhibits, and other filings 

SFTP boxes provide system participants with a secure electronic location to file documents related to BRCs and CCHs, and other claims processes, such as Request for Reimbursement from the Subsequent Injury Fund. Depending on the type of document, DWC can acknowledge receipt, including a date-stamped copy. For more information, contact DWC at 

Electronic insurance carrier representative boxes 

DWC provides documents to Austin insurance carrier representatives through an SFTP box. The Austin representative can pick up documents from DWC and give documents to DWC for the insurance carriers they represent. The insurance carrier is deemed to have received the written communication on the first working day after DWC places a communication in the SFTP box. Austin representatives can get a date-stamped receipt copy of their documents through the SFTP box, or they can use DWC’s fax-back receipt service.  

DWC offers a fax-back receipt service that allows system participants to fax single documents for a single claim or dispute to a designated fax number that returns a page-for-page fax with a DWC date stamp. This can be used for any filing where the submitter wants a DWC receipt stamp.

For more information, contact DWC at

Frequently asked technical questions

Electronic insurance carrier representative boxes

  1. Question: How do I know the date when DWC places a written communication in the insurance carrier's Austin representative SFTP box?
    Answer: DWC adds the date the written communication is put in the insurance carrier's Austin representative SFTP box in the document’s file name before the file type.

    Example: “Scanned_Mail_0001_20200410_125322.pdf”. This indicates that DWC placed the file in the SFTP box on April 10, 2020, at 12:53:22 pm.

    (For date stamp receipts of documents, DWC date stamps the bottom right corner of the image. DWC does not add a date in the document’s file name.)

  1. Question: When DWC places a document in the insurance carrier's Austin representative SFTP box, what is the date on which the insurance carrier will be deemed to have received the written communication?
    Answer: The insurance carrier will be deemed to have received the written communication on the first working day after DWC places a communication in the SFTP box.
  1. Question: What should I do if I receive mail that belongs to another insurance carrier’s Austin representative?
    Answer: Return the mail to DWC by moving the original file to your “To_DWC” folder. Do not print, forward by email or keep a copy of file. If DWC is unable to identify why you returned the mail, we will contact you.

SFTP boxes for filing BRC exchange, CCH exhibits, and other filings

  1. Question: How can I send contested case hearing (CCH) exchange documents to DWC if I do not have an SFTP account?
    Answer: You may email or fax exhibits to DWC. More information can be found at Sending information for dispute resolution under the heading Send benefit review conference (BRC) exchanges, hearing exchanges, and hearing exhibits to DWC.
  1. Question: Does my SFTP account password expire?
    Answer: No, the password will stay the same unless you ask DWC to change it.
  1. Question: How long does my SFTP account stay active?
    Answer: Your account will stay active if it is used at least once every thirty days.
  1. Question: What is a “Thumbs.db” file?
    Answer: Windows periodically creates a “Thumbs.db” file. It is a collection of thumbnails and is always safe to delete.
  1. Question: What is the file size limit for documents in an SFTP box? Is there a different limit for videos?
    Answer: There is no size limit, however if you must upload files larger than 1 GB, place them in the root directory (where you can see both the “To_DWC” and “From_DWC” folders). When the upload finishes, move the file to the “To_DWC” folder.
  1. Question: Can I set up or use any other folders in my SFTP box?
    Answer: No, you must use the “To_DWC” and “From_DWC” folders only. DWC will not accept document files placed in any other directory or subfolder within the SFTP account.

Fax-back receipt services

  1. Question: Sometimes I have difficulty sending a large fax to DWC. What should I do?
    Answer: Consider using SFTP for all filings. If you must fax, please note that faxes over 40 pages long can be interrupted. You should break your fax into sections and place a cover page on each section. Identify the claim number and which section you are faxing (for example, Section 1 of 4, Section 2 of 4, and so on).
  1. Question: What is the fax number for DWC’s fax-back receipt service?
    Answer: DWC’s fax-back receipt number is 512-804-4376, but DWC must have your transmitting subscriber identification (TSID) number to receive receipts. To register for fax-back receipt services, contact DWC at

Electronic Filing of Online Forms

  1. Question: Can I file DWC forms online?
    Answer: Yes, the DWC Form-020SI, Self-Insured Governmental Entity Coverage Information and the DWC Form-005, Employer Notice of No Coverage or Termination of Coverage can both be filed online. See Electronic Filing - Online Forms for more information about filing your PDF form online. See Electronic Filing – XML Format for more information about sending files with multiple form transactions.
Last updated: 2/23/2023