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Electric scooter insurance: What to know before you hop on


Electric scooter rentals are popular in Texas’ big cities and near college campuses. If you’ve been using one or want to try it, here’s what you need to know about scooters and insurance:

Person getting ready to ride an electric scooter they rented. They are wondering, “Do I need insurance for a scooter?”
  1. Rental companies don’t cover you

    Most scooter rental agreements make it clear that you assume all liability. And you probably don't have coverage through your home or auto insurance if you crash or get hurt. Home policies don't usually cover damage caused by motorized vehicles, and your auto policy probably won’t cover an electric scooter.

  2. Who covers injuries?

    Your health insurance probably will, but it won’t cover injuries to anyone in your path. If you let someone else ride a scooter you rented, there could be complications. And most scooter agreements don't allow minors to ride at all.

  3. Do cities require coverage?

    Some cities in Texas require scooter rental companies to have insurance coverage. But that mainly covers damage to public property, not injuries or damage to other vehicles.

  4. The bottom line

    Before you download an app or get on a scooter, check with your insurance agent to see if you’re covered. You can add coverage to your policy if you use a scooter often. And make sure you read the scooter rental agreement before you zip away.


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Last updated: 5/15/2024