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Insurance for RVs: Know your coverages


Who doesn’t love a camping trip in the great outdoors to soak in the sun and listen to the birds chirping? Before you pack up the RV, check your insurance to be sure you’re covered for whatever the road may bring your way. 

Family in front of RV
  1. Travel trailer insurance

    Travel trailers or fifth wheels are pulled with a truck. Your auto insurance might pay for accidents you cause while pulling the trailer.

    But you probably need a separate RV policy or endorsement to cover damage to the travel trailer itself. Ask your insurance agent or company.

  2. Motor home insurance

    Motor homes are drivable and aren’t pulled by a truck. Texas law requires you to have an auto policy with liability coverage for your motor home to pay for accidents you cause.

    To pay for damage to your own motor home, you’ll need collision and comprehensive coverage. That also pays for damage caused by things other than a collision, like fires, floods, and theft.

  3. Coverage for the stuff inside

    You’ll need a RV policy to cover personal property inside your travel trailer or motor home. Your home policy might pay some, but the coverage is very limited. Ask your agent how much coverage you have and if you can buy more.

  4. Living in your RV

    If you live full time in your RV, consider buying “full-timers coverage.” Full-timers coverage includes personal property and liability coverage. Liability coverage pays for other people’s damages you cause when you’re not driving. For example, it will pay if someone gets hurt inside your RV or if you damage someone else’s property.



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Last updated: 1/26/2024