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How to keep your dogs, cats, and other pets safe from fire


Every year, pets accidentally play a role in hundreds of U.S. home fires. These tips will help protect your animals and prevent fires.

Firefighter holding kitten
  1. How to protect pets

    To protect your pets in a fire:

    • Include your pets when you practice your home fire escape or wildlife evacuation plans.
    • Place a sticker listing your pets near your front door. Rescue workers could use the sticker to recover pets stuck inside. The ASPCA offers free stickers in its pet safety packs.
    • Don’t go back inside for pets if you have a fire. Instead, tell a firefighter or other rescue worker if your pet is trapped.
  2. Keep your pet from starting a fire

    To avoid a cat-astrophic fire, dog-ear these tips:

    • When cooking, keep pets out of the kitchen. They can knock pots and pans off the stove or trip you up. Your ratatouille will turn out better without your pet rat present, we promise.
    • Keep electrical cords out of the way; make sure your pet doesn’t chew them. Also, keep electric appliances out of your pet’s reach. Pets like to explore and may bump into, knock over, or even accidentally turn on appliances. This is especially important for appliances like space heaters and clothes irons.
    • Keep a cover over your fireplace. A metal grate or a heat-tempered glass door is best. Just as you would for your children, keep a fur baby-free zone of at least 3 feet from the fireplace. Also, keep pets away from burning candles.



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Last updated: 2/22/2023