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Texas Department of Insurance
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Help for military members and spouses who work in insurance


The Texas Department of Insurance is offering a helping hand to those serving our country. Here are some incentives Texas offers insurance professionals in the military.

Man in military uniform working on a laptop to find a job in insurance. He seems impressed with TDI’s website.
  1. Veterans reimbursed for exam fees

    Veterans can get reimbursed for insurance exams fees. Veterans who passed Texas exams can apply to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to get the exam fee reimbursed.

  2. No application fee for a non-resident license

    Military members and military spouses who have an insurance license issued by another state don't have to pay Texas non-resident license application fees. When you apply for a Texas license, provide proof of Texas residency, your military identification, and your insurance license from your home state. The Texas license is good for three years.

  3. Continuing education deadlines extended during active duty

    Military members with an insurance license get a break from education requirements while they’re deployed to a combat area. You just need to provide TDI with a copy of their orders.

  4. Insurance exam sites on military bases

    TDI worked with its exam vendor to add insurance exam sites on military bases around the state.



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Last updated: 8/21/2023