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Home sharing: 3 questions to ask

If you rent out your house, a room in your house, or rides in your car, there’s a good chance your personal insurance policy won’t cover any damage or injuries.
Home sharing is renting out all or part of your home for a short time, often using an app or a website.

1 What are the risks?

  • Damage to your home, property, or belongings.
  • Injury to a guest.
  • Damage to a guest’s belongings.
  • Damage to a neighbor’s property.

2 Am I covered?

Check with your agent or insurance company. Many homeowners, condo, or renter's policies exclude or limit coverage if the property is being rented out. Ask if your policy includes coverage for paying guests in your home or about other coverage options to make sure you’re protected.

3 What if I’m a guest?

Your homeowners, renters, or personal liability insurance policy may cover you if you damage a host's property. Read your policy or contact your insurance agent before you rent. If you are renting through an app or website that offers insurance coverage, ask your agent if you need that protection.


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Last updated: 11/9/2018