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Texas Department of Insurance
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The Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association (TAIPA) has filed Petition No. A-0508-09, Petition No. A-0508-10, and Petition No. A-0808-16, proposing amendments to the Plan of Operation (Plan) for consideration by the Commissioner of Insurance (Commissioner). The petitions contain amendments to the Plan that have been approved by the TAIPA Governing Committee.

The Insurance Code §2151.151 provides that the TAIPA Governing Committee may make and amend the Plan of Operation, subject to the approval of the Commissioner.

In Petition No. A-0508-09, TAIPA proposes to amend the Plan to delete references to the Electronic Submission Procedure (ESP), an automated telephone system for the submission of TAIPA insurance applications. The ESP has been upgraded into a more advanced system known as the Electronic Application Submission interface (EASi), and requirements for electronic submissions have been modified.

In Petition No. A-0508-10, TAIPA proposes to amend the Plan to specify that the terms of office for the alternate public and producer members of the TAIPA Governing Committee are two years.

In all three petitions, TAIPA proposes to make non-substantive editorial changes to the Plan. TAIPA proposes to delete references to obsolete terms and requirements, reformat the structure of sections for purposes of organization and clarity, renumber subsections, and conform references to the Insurance Code to the updated references enacted in the non-substantive Insurance Code revision by the 79th Legislature in HB 2017, effective April 1, 2007.

The description of proposed Plan amendments is a summary prepared by the Texas Department of Insurance. For the full text of the proposed amendments, a copy of the petitions, or further information, contact Cathleen Beavers at TAIPA at (866) 321-9154.

These amendments are subject to the Commissioner's consideration for approval without a hearing. Any comments may be filed with the Office of the Chief Clerk, Texas Department of Insurance, Mail Code 113-2A, P.O. Box 149104, Austin, Texas 78714-9104, within 15 days after publication of this notice. An additional copy is to be simultaneously submitted to Cathleen Beavers, Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association, 4301 Westbank Dr., Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78746.

For more information, contact: