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Texas Department of Insurance
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Life and Health Lines Office Filing Fees

If you have any questions prior to filing, please contact 512-676-6676 or email 

Related forms may be submitted in a single filing; such as, a policy with riders, endorsements, amendments and applications. $100 per rider, application, endorsement, or amendments filed separately from policy ($50 if form is exempt); Matrix $50 for each form number with a maximum fee of $500. Multiple policy forms may not be submitted in a single filing.

For example, in the SERFF Filing Fee tab:

  • Fee Calculation Explanation: Filing one policy, three related riders and application = $100
  • Fee Calculation Explanation: Filing an exempt filing = $50
  • Fee Calculation Explanation: Filing a long-term care rate increase = $100
  • Fee Calculation Explanation: Filing an advertisement = $0
Form and Rate Filing Fees
Form Filing Fee
Review and Approval $100.00
Exempt from Review $ 50.00
Resubmission of a Previously Disapproved or Withdrawn Form $ 50.00
Substitution No Fee
Outline of Coverage, Insert Pages and Disclosure Forms $ 50.00
Matrix forms $ 50.00 for each form number filed with a maximum of fee of $500.00
HMO $100.00
LAH/HMO Informational Filings $ 50.00
Credit $100.00
Life Settlement $100.00
Report Filings (no forms) No Fee
Advertising - All Lines of Insurance No Fee
Rate Filing Fee
Medicare $100.00
Long Term Care $100.00
Credit $100.00
All Other Rate Filings $ 50.00

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 3/27/2024