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Texas Department of Insurance
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Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0044-02

July 31, 2002


Re:   Assignment of Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Reference Numbers - Surety Bond Forms

The Texas Department of Insurance has assigned the following TDI Reference Numbers to surety bond forms submitted by the following state agencies:

Reference Number TDI-02-BB-155-RCT-PF, Railroad Commission of Texas (Oil and Gas Division) Individual Performance Bond, Blanket Performance Bond and Individual Well Bond (Revised)

The Individual Performance Bond and Blanket Performance Bond may be used to satisfy the requirements of the Texas Natural Resources Code, §§91.103-91.107 and the Individual Well Bond pursuant to 16 TAC §3.14(b)(2)(B).

The revisions to all bonds include a change in the time period to remedy non-compliance. The time period increased from 30 to 60 days. In addition, the liability for non-compliance that occurred prior to the transfer and assumption of responsibility by the acquiring operator was deleted on all three bond forms.

Also, the term of the Individual Performance Bond and the Blanket Performance Bond, for other than a Principal filing a bond for the first time, has been amended to expire 150 days, rather than 60 days, after the Principal's annual P-5 expiration dates. The final change is the elimination of the two year "tail" in the previous forms.

You may obtain copies of the bonds from the following state agency:

Colin K. Lineberry
Office of General Counsel
Railroad Commission of Texas
P O Box 12967
Austin, Texas 78711-2967
Telephone 512-463-7051

Reference Number TDI-01-BB-155-TDB-PF, Texas Department of Banking Money Services Bond (New)

This is a new bond form that replaces and combines two previous forms, Currency Exchange Bond and Sale of Checks Bond, required under Finance Code Chapters 152 and 153.

Reference Number TDI-01-BB-155-TDB-PF2, Texas Department of Banking Private Child Support Enforcement Agencies Bond (New)

This bond may be required of an individual or nongovernmental entity who engages in the enforcement of child support ordered by a court or other tribunal for a fee or other consideration, pursuant to Section 396.105 of the Finance Code.

You may obtain copies of the above bonds from the following state agency:

Carrie Lemke
Texas Department of Banking
2601 North Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78705-4294
Telephone 512-475-1342

Reference Number TDI-02-BB-165-TWCC-PF, Texas Workers' Compensation Commission Surety Bond for Certified Self-Insurance Liabilities and two Riders (Revised)

The revisions include the addition of the Texas Certified Self-Insurer Guaranty Association to several sections of the bond form, as required under Labor Code, Chapter 407, Self Insurance Regulation. The two riders do not include any substantive changes.

You may obtain copies of the above bonds and riders from the following state agency:

Self-Insurance Regulation Division
Texas Workers' Compensation Commission
400 South I-35, MS 60
Austin, TX 78704-7491
Telephone 512-804-4775

Insurers that wish to write the bonds described in this bulletin are required to make a filing with the Texas Department of Insurance as outlined in the reference filing procedures contained in the Property and Casualty Filings Made Easy Manual. This Manual is accessible on our website at

Assignment of reference numbers does not preclude the independent filing of surety bond forms by insurance companies for approval by the Commissioner. The filing company must confirm that the form(s) meet the requirements of the appropriate state agency, and that the state agency finds the forms acceptable.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be addressed to:

Texas Department of Insurance
Irwin Thomas
Commercial Property/Casualty Section
P O Box 149104 MC 104-PC
Austin, TX 78714-9104


Marilyn Hamilton, Associate Commissioner
Property & Casualty Program MC 104-PC