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Texas Department of Insurance
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Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0022-95

June 1, 1995

To:   All Insurers Writing General Liability, Boiler and Machinery, Commercial Umbrella, and Professional Liability Insurance in the State of Texas

Re:   Informational Commissioner's Bulletin B-0022-95 - regarding Elimination of (a) rates

SUBJECT: Elimination of (a) rates

Article 5.13-2 of the Texas Insurance Code requires insurers to file rates, including supplementary rating information for general liability, boiler and machinery, commercial umbrella, and professional liability on a file and use basis. Supplementary rating information is defined as "any manual, rating schedule, plan of rules, rating rules, classification systems, territory codes and descriptions, rating plans and other similar information used by the insurer to determine the applicable premium for an insured."

Article 5.13-2 does not provide for the filing of rates on an individual risk basis. Individual (a) rate applications for general liability, boiler and machinery, commercial umbrella, and professional liability will not be accepted after November 1, 1995.

In lieu of making individual (a) rate applications after November 1, 1995, all carriers must file the criteria used to determine (a) rate premiums. This filing may include ranges of rates where rates are used on a judgmental basis for individual risks. Filings must be submitted to the Department prior to November 1.

Some carriers have already filed ranges of rates for certain (a) rate classifications. These carriers do not need to make any additional filings if ranges of rates are already on file for those risks.

This bulletin does not apply to those professional liability lines specifically exempted from regulation by Board Order or bulletin under Article 5.13.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to: Questions regarding rate filings should be directed to:
Charles B. DuPertuis
General Liability MC 104-2A
P. O. Box 149094
Austin, TX 78714-9094
Phone No. 512-322-3460
Fax No. 512-322-3516
Kenneth P. McDaniel
Professional Liability MC 104-2B
P. O. Box 149104
Austin, TX 78714-9104
Phone No. 512-322-3445
Fax No. 512-322-4203
John Gleba, ACAS, MAAA
Technical Analysis MC 105-5F
P. O. Box 149096
Austin, TX 78714-9096
Phone No. 512-475-3017
Fax No. 512-463-6122


David Durden
Deputy Commissioner
Property and Casualty Insurance Lines


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