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December 1, 2023

Unknown fire hazards in your home


Washing machine

Most people know that stoves, ovens, and candles are dangerous and can start fires.

But there are other fire risks in your home that you might not have thought about:

  • Dryers. Clean your lint filter before each use. Make sure the air exhaust vent pipe leads to the outside and is unblocked. Clean the lint out of your vent pipe every three months. There are tools available at local home improvement stores that allow you to do it yourself. Or, you can hire a professional or get your apartment’s maintenance to do this. You want clothes to be fire, not on fire.
  • Kitchen appliances. Our kitchens have all sorts of gadgets, like air fryers, microwaves, and coffee makers. Plug your appliances into a wall outlet, never an extension cord. Place them where they won’t get bumped or knocked over.
  • Lithium-ion batteries. Smartphones, laptops, hoverboards--so many devices in our homes now use lithium-ion batteries. Don’t overcharge your devices, and don’t place them on a pillow, bed, or couch while charging. Keep devices that use lithium-ion batteries at room temperature.

If there is a fire in your house, get out and stay out. Use your cell phone to call for help or ask a neighbor to call 911.