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Texas Department of Insurance
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Basic Manual of Title Insurance, Section IV (continued)

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Includes Procedural Rules P-31 | P-32 | P-33 | P-34 | P-35

P-31. Authorized Execution of Directly Issued Policy

All directly issued policies of title insurance (authorized by Art. 9.34, Insurance Code, defined in Procedural Rule P-1.aa., and sometimes referenced "Home Office Issue") shall be countersigned, prior to delivery, by a bona fide officer or employee of the Title Insurance Company issuing the directly issued policy. Each employee or officer countersigning directly issued policies shall be employed at a designated office location in the State of Texas maintained by the issuing Title Insurance Company for the issuance of directly issued policies. Each Title Insurance Company shall file annually on or before January 31 of each calendar year a written designation of its office addresses with the Texas Department of Insurance, together with the name and position of each person or persons at each designated address it has authorized to countersign directly issued policies at such address.

No person or entity may be authorized, designated or empowered to countersign directly issued policies for a Title Insurance Company until designated with the Texas Department of Insurance in compliance with this Rule P-31. For the purpose of this rule all directly issued policies must reflect original countersigned signatures and it is prohibited to affix facsimile or any other form of signature that is not the originally executed signature of a designated individual.

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P-32. Document Retention

Pursuant to Tex. Ins. Code Ann. §2704.001, evidence of insurability shall be preserved and retained in the files of the title insurance company, direct operation, or title insurance agent for a period of not less than fifteen (15) years after the policy or contract of title insurance has been issued. Electronically produced or scanned documents may be retained in place of hard copies. Hard copies, electronically produced or scanned copies shall be retained for the following periods:

  1. escrow accounting documentation (such as signed settlement statements, disbursement sheets, invoices, and check copies) must be retained for at least three years;

  2. evidence of insurability, including a title insurance commitment, a title report, a title opinion, or a run sheet, but not including copies of documents filed in the public records, must be retained for at least fifteen (15) years; and

  3. title insurance policies must be retained indefinitely.

These time periods for retention shall apply to electronically produced forms retained in compliance with Procedural Rule P-17.

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P-33. Repealed

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P-34. Procedural Rule 34 is repealed effective August 1, 1995, pursuant to Commissioner's Order No. 95-0663

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P-35. Prohibition Against Guaranties, Affirmations, Indemnifications, and Certifications

No Title Insurance Company, Title Insurance Agent, Direct Operation, Escrow Officer, nor any employee, officer, director or agent of any such entity or person, shall issue or deliver any form of verbal or written guaranty, affirmation, indemnification, or certification of any fact, insurance coverage or conclusion of law to any insured or party to a transaction other than: (i) a statement that a transaction has closed and/or has been funded, (ii) issuance of an insured closing service letter, or any insuring form or endorsement promulgated by the State Board of Insurance, or (iii) certification of copies of documents as being true and exact copies of the original document or of the document recorded in the public records.

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