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5 tips for golf cart safety in the workplace

Golf carts are a popular and easy way to move around worksites, but can also be dangerous. Most golf cart injuries happen when someone is struck by or thrown from the vehicle or involved in a rollover accident. Here are some golf cart safety tips for the workplace.

Golf Cart safety

1Golf cart safety statement

Management should write a safety statement, sign it, and place it in an area where everyone can see it. This should include rules about running, maintaining, and driving the golf carts.

2Operational rules

List rules for golf cart use. These may include banning crossing public roads; limiting the use to certain distances, passengers, or equipment; and restricting tow loads to assigned carts.

3Operator training

To prevent workplace accidents, anyone who is allowed to use a golf cart at work should be trained on safety procedures when they are hired and each year. Supervisors should handle training and authorizing who uses the golf cart.

4Safety procedures

Create limits about where golf carts can drive and with how many passengers, how much weight they can tow, and what speeds are allowed for different weather conditions. Everyone must be seated at all times, keep arms and legs inside the cart, follow traffic laws, yield to pedestrians, and slow down near hills, corners, bumps, or public roads.

5Regular inspections and maintenance

Golf carts must be inspected and maintained regularly to reduce the risk of accidents. Check for fluid leaks, correct tire pressure, and make sure all controls are working. Report accidents or damage to a supervisor as soon as possible.


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Last updated: 3/22/2021