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Texas Department of Insurance
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SUBCHAPTER L. Standard Language for Mandatory and Other Provisions

28 TAC §§11.1101 and 11.1102

SUBCHAPTER Q. Other Requirements

28 TAC §11.1608

SUBCHAPTER Services 28 TAC §§11.2001 ­ 11.2006

The Commissioner of Insurance adopts the repeal of Subchapter L, §§11.1101 and 11.1102, concerning standard language for mandatory and other provisions; Subchapter Q, §11.1608, concerning other requirements and Subchapter U, §§11.2001 ­ 11.2006, concerning services; The repeal of these sections is adopted without changes to the proposal published in the November 12, 2004 issue of the Texas Register (29 TexReg 10419).

The repeal of Subchapters L and U is necessary to streamline and improve the regulatory efficiency of Chapter 11. The provisions of Subchapters L and U have either been transferred to other subchapters and published elsewhere in this issue of the Texas Register, or deleted as unnecessary. The repeal of §11.1608 is necessary because many of its notice provisions are now included in adopted §11.1600(b)(11), published elsewhere in this issue of the Texas Register .

The purpose and objective of the repeal is to allow for the streamlining and adoption of amendments to Chapter 11. The repealed sections have either been incorporated into other provisions in Chapter 11 or deleted as unnecessary.

No comments were received.

The repeal of the sections is adopted pursuant to the Insurance Code §§843.102, 843.151, and 36.001. Section 843.102 provides that the commissioner by rule may establish minimum standards and requirements for the quality assurance programs of HMOs, including standards for ensuring availability, accessibility, quality and continuity of care. Section 843.151 provides the commissioner may adopt reasonable rules as necessary and proper to fully implement Insurance Code Chapters 843 and 20A, as well as the requirements of federal law and regulations. Section 36.001 provides that the Commissioner of Insurance may adopt any rules necessary and appropriate to implement the powers and duties of the Texas Department of Insurance under the Insurance Code and other laws of this state.

Subchapter L. Standard Language for Mandatory and Other Provisions

§11.1101. Purpose.

§11.1102. Hold-Harmless Clause.

Subchapter Q. Other Requirements

§11.1608. Designation of Obstetrician/Gynecologist Notice.

Subchapter U. Services

§11.2001. Ambulatory Health Care Services.

§11.2002. Emergency Care.

§11.2003. Inpatient Hospital and Medical Services.

§11.2004. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services.

§11.2005. Optional Services.

§11.2006. Single Health Care Services.

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