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August 3, 2023

Windstorm insurance in Texas


If you live along the Texas coast, wind and hail insurance (also called windstorm insurance) often isn’t part of your homeowners policy. You’ll need a separate windstorm policy.

TDI’s Coastal Outreach and Assistance Services Team program can help with windstorm insurance questions and complaints.

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Where do I get windstorm insurance?

Ask if your homeowners insurance company sells windstorm insurance. That’s the easiest way. If they don’t offer it, you can ask your agent to get you a policy through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA).

What is TWIA?

TWIA is called an “insurer of last resort” because it’s where you get insurance if a homeowners insurance company won’t sell you wind and hail coverage. The Texas Legislature created TWIA in 1971 after Hurricane Celia. Most homeowners didn’t have insurance to pay for their damages because insurance companies didn’t sell wind and hail insurance on the coast.

Do I need an inspection to get windstorm insurance?

Yes. If you have a newly built home or you're doing home repairs, you’ll need an inspection and a certificate of compliance to get a TWIA policy. The certificate (called a WPI-8) shows that your contractors followed the correct building codes.

When can I get the windstorm inspection done?

It's best to get an inspection before the construction is finished. The inspector can let your contractor know if something they’re doing doesn’t meet the code, so they can stop and correct it.

If the construction is finished, then a Texas licensed professional engineer can do the inspection and send it to TDI for a certificate of compliance. Because it’s more difficult to inspect a completed structure for building code compliance, it may cost more.

What advice do you have for consumers living along the coast?

If you have damage from previous storms, get it fixed before the next storm makes it worse. And if you have a policy through TWIA, make sure your certificate of compliance is up to date. You can use our website to find your certificate. You can also call TWIA at 800-231-5360.

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