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Texas Department of Insurance
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Workplace safety consultations and compliance assistance

No matter what your needs or challenges are, the Texas OSHA Consultation Program has safety and health resources to help your business. We provide consultations in person at your jobsite and additional assistance virtually by video conference, email, text, or phone. To schedule, call us at 800-252-7031, option 2, email, or send us an OSHCON online request form.

OSHCON: Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Program

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800-252-7031 Option 2 |

The Occupational Safety and Health Consultation (OSHCON) program ( is a free and confidential service available to private Texas employers through the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation. Our professional safety and health consultants across the state are available to help you identify and eliminate occupational hazards in your workplace, whether or not your company carries workers' compensation insurance.

Studies have shown that thousands of Texas employers experience fewer reported injuries and illnesses following their participation in the OSHCON program each year. OSHCON helps employers understand and comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) health and safety requirements, and teaches them how to maintain safe and healthy workplaces.

Written programs

These examples are guides for employers creating written programs. The examples should not replace OSHA standards in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and they are not complete written programs. Our OSHCON consultants can help you make the changes your worksite needs.

OSHA resources

Contact us and request your OSHCON consultation today

General Inquiries

Toll-Free Request Line 800-252-7031 Option 2

E-mail users please include your company name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number and contact person.

Request a consultation online

Consultants are located in offices across the state and are available to travel to your area.

Safety and Health Resource Center (Austin)

Program Management and Outreach Staff

Chris D'Amura (OSHCON Program Mgr.) 512-804-4640

Barb Fox 512-804-4648 (Outreach)


Kathleen Franklin 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 31270


Jimmy Hudson 512-804-4697

Binny Joseph 512-804-4695

Amber Roberson (Team Mgr.) 512-804-4694

Vacant - 512-804-4698

Health Consultant - Vacant 


Charmaine Costner 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 31670

Corpus Christi

Kevin Candy 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 31872


Vacant 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 32570

Jason Earll 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 32571

El Paso

David Franco 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 32070

Patricia Novelo 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 32071

Fort Worth

Darrell Lofton (Team Mgr.)  800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 33572

Tim Hansen 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 32270

Amelia Kingsley Donnell 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 33573

Houston East

Michael Brockmyre 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 36570

Houston West

Jim Beare 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 37573

Michael Williams 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 37572


Jerry Eaton 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 32251

San Antonio

Robert Wood 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 31574

Jennifer Heath 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 31572


Bruce Andrews 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 32971


John Reid 800 252-7031 - Option 7, ext. 33170


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Last updated: 6/3/2024