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Texas Department of Insurance
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Occupational driving safety

Safety at Work

Transportation incidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities in Texas.

Employers should consider four elements of driving safety when developing an occupational driving safety program: the roadway workplace, the driver, the vehicle and the environment.

Use our Occupational Driving Safety Program Review Checklist (English|Spanish) to assess your company’s program.

Limit Your Risk

A variety of industries and occupations require employees to drive or to be exposed to hazards associated with driving. For employees who drive as a primary function of their job or for a portion of their job duties, roadways and work zones are likely the most dangerous part of their work environment.

To minimize the occurrence of these types of transportation related incidents in the workplace, DWC encourages employers to implement effective occupational driving safety programs that address driving and vehicular hazards. In addition, DWC encourages employers to implement and enforce written safety programs and policies for working in and around motor vehicles.

Employers should ensure that their programs and practices comply with applicable federal, state, and local regulations. DWC recommends reviewing your occupational driving safety program at least annually, or when changes occur in your workplace.

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