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Texas Department of Insurance
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Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0007-06

March 1, 2006


Re:   Assignment of Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Reference Numbers - Surety Bond Forms

The Texas Department of Insurance has assigned the following TDI Reference Numbers to surety bond forms submitted by the following state agencies:

Reference Number TDI-05-BB-155-TDB-PF, Texas Department of Banking

A revised Money Services Bond is required due to the passage of House Bill 2218

(79th Regular Session) as the Regulation of Money Services Businesses will come under Chapter 151, Finance Code, this was previously regulated under Chapters 152 and 153. The specific cite for Security becomes Sec. 151.308.

Reference Number TDI-05-BB-150-TDB-PF, Texas Department of Banking

This new Performance Bond is an option for preconstruction trusts for undeveloped mausoleum space, pursuant to the Health & Safety Code, Chapter 712, the specific cite is §712.067. House Bill 2581 (79th Regular Session) places the regulation under the Finance Commission.

Copies of the two bonds above are available on the Texas Department of Banking website at:

Reference Number TDI-06-BB-165-DWC-PF, Division of Workers' Compensation (Texas Department of Insurance)

A revised Surety Bond for Certified Self-Insurance Liabilities, Surety Bond Amount Rider and Surety Bond Name Change Rider became necessary after the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission merged with the Texas Department of Insurance to become the Division of Workers' Compensation, due to of House Bill 7 (79th Regular Session).

Copies of the bond are available on the Texas Department of Insurance - Division of Workers' Compensation website at:

Insurers that wish to write the bonds described in this bulletin are required to make a filing with the Texas Department of Insurance as outlined in the reference filing procedures contained in Property and Casualty Filings Made Easy Guide. This Guide is accessible on our website at:


Assignment of reference numbers does not preclude the independent filing of surety bond forms by insurance companies for approval by the Commissioner. The filing company must confirm that the form(s) meet the statutory requirements of the appropriate state agency, and that the state agency finds the forms acceptable.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be addressed to:


Texas Department of Insurance
Irwin Thomas
Commercial Property/Casualty Section
P O Box 149104 MC 104-PC
Austin, TX 78714-9104






Marilyn Hamilton, Associate Commissioner

Property & Casualty Program MC 104-PC

Last updated: 2/9/2024