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Texas Department of Insurance
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Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0037-99

July 1, 1999

To:   All Insurance Companies and Insurance Agents

Re:   Licensure of Non-Resident Property and Casualty Insurance Agents in Texas

Texas Insurance Code Article 21.11, Section 1(b) provides that a non-resident license applicant "must meet the requirements for issuance of a license under Article 21.14 of this code, except that the department shall waive any of those license requirements for an applicant with a valid license from another state or jurisdiction that has license requirements substantially equivalent to those of this state."

Under the authority conferred by this provision, the Texas Department of Insurance will waive the residency requirements of Article 21.14 and issue a Local Recording Agent's license to an individual applicant who resides outside the State of Texas if the applicant's resident state:

(1) Has signed the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's Uniform Treatment Declaration for Insurance Non-Resident Producer Licensing or has waived license requirements applicable to non-resident agents which impede substantial compliance with the provisions of the Uniform Treatment Declaration; and

(2) Grants full reciprocity to a Texas resident agent.

A license so issued will permit the non-resident license holder to act as an agent in Texas on behalf of an authorized insurance company.

An applicant whose resident state cannot sign the Uniform Treatment Declaration or cannot waive license requirements and does not grant full reciprocity to a Texas resident agent may receive a Texas non-resident agent's license subject to the limitations contained in Sections 2 and 3 of Article 21.11.

For additional information, please contact the Texas Department of Insurance at 512-322-3503 or fax 512-475-1819.

Jose Montemayor
Commissioner of Insurance