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TEXFIRS: Frequently Asked Questions

Is reporting to TEXFIRS mandatory?

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At this time, participation in TEXFIRS is not state-mandated, but it is the only data collection system in the state that provides valuable information on fire and non-fire incidents, including loss of life and property.

Does reporting to TEXFIRS meet the requirements for reporting to NFIRS? If a department reports to NFIRS, does that meet the requirements for TEXFIRS?

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Yes, if a department is participating in NFIRS or TEXFIRS, it is meeting the requirements for reporting at both the state and the federal level.

When is the fire-incident data due to the state?

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A fire department should be submitting its incident reports to the state on a monthly basis. Departments should forward their data within two weeks after the close of the previous month.

How do I submit data?

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Fire departments may submit their data on approved forms, using a vendor software program or by using the free federal software. A list of contact information for NFIRS 5.0 active vendors can be viewed at the NFIRS Web site. For the free federal software, http://www.nfirs.fema.gov/users/. NFIRS 5.0 Forms can be downloaded from http://www.nfirs.fema.gov/documentation/design/. Data is accepted on diskette, CD, paper, by e-mail or by FTP. Departments are urged to verify the successful receipt of electronic data submitted to the state. The count of incidents successfully processed should be periodically checked for discrepancies.

If I use a vendor software program, do I send my data to the USFA or to the state?

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A department using a vendor software program must send data to the state. A department will receive a notice that the data was received by TEXFIRS for its electronic (e-mail) submittals.

What are the procedures for submitting data by e-mail?

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A department should send an e-mail message to TEXFIRS@tdi.texas.gov and attach its data file. A department should include the name of the department, FDID number, contact person and telephone number, and the time period of the data submitted in the e-mail message. TEXFIRS will respond with an e-mail message confirming receipt of the data file.

If a department is using the federal software (NFIRS 5.0) will it still have to send data to the state?

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A department using the online federal software (NFIRS 5.0 - online) does not need to forward data to the state. Using the federal software online provides the state access to the data entered within minutes of the entry. If the federal software is used offline, then a copy of the data will have to be forwarded to the state. Some departments may wish to use the federal software to load their own data to the online database. The SFMO recommends that fire departments utilize the online method of reporting when using the federal software.

Does the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program require reporting to TEXFIRS/NFIRS?

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Reporting to NFIRS is strongly encouraged, NFIRS reporting is not a requirement an applicant must have to apply for, or be awarded a grant within any AFG Program. Any fire based organization(s) that receives an AFG Grant should be reporting to NFIRS prior to the beginning of their grants period of performance. In order to be compliant and closeout the grant, the grantee may be asked by FEMA to provide proof of compliance in reporting to NFIRS. Any grantee that stops reporting to NFIRS during their grant's Period of Performance is subject to having their award(s) modified or withdrawn. Participation in TEXFIRS meets the requirements for participating in NFIRS. A department submitting an application for funds should contact the TEXFIRS section to verify that its data submission is current.

Where can I get more information on reporting requirements or software available?

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For additional information, go to http://www.tdi.texas.gov/fire/fmtexfir.html, or contact us directly at (512) 676-6795.

Where can I get assistance with coding incidents?

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For additional information, check our training page.

What happens if I knowingly make a false entry into TEXFIRS?
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A governmental record includes anything received or kept by government for information. You could be charged with tampering with a governmental record. See Texas Penal Code Chapter 37.

How can I obtain census data for my city?

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General demographic data can be obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau's website.

For census tract information, visit the U.S. Census Bureau Census Tract Street Locator.

You may also contact us for assistance with census tract information, or the State Library and Archives at (512) 463-5455.

How do I calculate the value of a building?

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The National Fire Information Council has several online information sources that can be used to calculate the estimated dollar loss.

In addition, Zillow can help you calculate the value of a building.

Please direct TEXFIRS questions to Virginia Garza at (512) 676-6795.

Where can I find the NFDRS weather station information to complete a Wildland Fire Module?

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Weather station information can be accessed at the Texas Interagency Coordination Center website.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 03/04/2015

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