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Firefighter Fatality Annual Investigation Reports

As required by state law, the State Fire Marshal's Office (SFMO) investigates all line-of-duty or on-duty firefighter fatalities. The SFMO may investigate other firefighter deaths as determined by the State Fire Marshal. Not later than October 31 of each year, the state fire marshal delivers to the commissioner of insurance a detailed report about the findings of each investigation conducted in the preceding fiscal year.

Firefighter Fatality Investigation Annual Reports

Year Download Report
FY 2016 2016 Annual Report
FY 2015 2015 Annual Report
FY 2014 2014 Annual Report
FY 2013 2013 Annual Report
FY 2012 2012 Annual Report
FY 2011 2011 Annual Report
FY 2010 2010 Annual Report
FY 2009 2009 Annual Report
FY 2008 2008 Annual Report
FY 2007 2007 Annual Report
FY 2006 2006 Annual Report
FY 2005 2005 Annual Report
FY 2004 2004 Annual Report
FY 2003 2003 Annual Report
FY 2002 2002 Annual Report

Download National Fire Protection Association's Firefighter Fatalities in the United States 2011 Report (as well as older reports).

For security reasons, PDF files are not available in an alternate format.

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Last updated: 10/12/2017

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