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Fire Sprinkler Licensing

Sprinkler Licensing Forms

Sprinkler Applications, Forms, and Guides are available in PDF format.

Sprinkler Guides:

Test Information: This link takes you to the PSI web site. This company is contracted to administer the SFMO tests. Click on the Candidate Information Bulletin found on the testing page for additional information regarding fees, scheduling policies, scoring information, and FAQs.

Statutes and Rules: Complete sprinkler statutes and rules book, including installation certificates and forms.

Sprinkler Licensing Contacts
Contact Phone Email
Jackie Davis (Sprinkler Technician) (512) 676-6809 jacqueline.davis@tdi.texas.gov
Sharon Sanders (Manager, Licensing Administration) (512) 676-6807 sharon.sanders@tdi.texas.gov

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 12/14/2017

Contact Information and Other Helpful Links