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Fireworks Licensing

Fireworks Licensing Forms

Fireworks Applications, Forms, and Guides are available in PDF format.

Guide to Obtain a Permit or License - Fireworks: Describes the different types of permits and licenses, type of activity permitted by each, test requirements, and test references.

Test Information: This link takes you to the PSI web site. This company is contracted to administer the SFMO tests. Click on the Candidate Information Bulletin found on the testing page for additional information regarding fees, scheduling policies, scoring information, and FAQs.

Fireworks Sites With Plans on File: List of indoor retail fireworks sites with plans on fire with the SFMO. 28 ยง TAC 34.832(16) states that an indoor site's retail sales permit is not valid unless they have a site plan on file.

Statute and Rules: Complete fireworks statute and rules book, including forms

Fireworks Inspections Checklists


Fireworks Licensing Contacts
Contact Phone Email
Melissa Bell (Fireworks Technician) 512-305-7930 melissa.bell@tdi.texas.gov
Susan Light (Manager, Licensing Administration) 512-305-7932 susan.light@tdi.texas.gov

Fireworks SFMO Inspection Checklists


For more information contact:

Last updated: 11/08/2013

Contact Information and Other Helpful Links

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Translation by WorldLingo