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Fire Safety Education

Fire Safety for Texans
Fire and Burn Prevention School Curriculum Guides, K-12

Fires in Texas, Texas Fire Incident Reporting System Annual Report

Each year the TEXFIRS section publishes Fires in Texas, a summary of fires reported during the preceding year.
Note: These files are very large

Firefighter Fatalities

Firefighter Fatalities
Year Download Report
FY 2011 2011 Annual Report
FY 2010 2010 Annual Report
FY 2009 2009 Annual Report
FY 2008 2008 Annual Report
FY 2007 2007 Annual Report
FY 2006 2006 Annual Report
FY 2005 2005 Annual Report
FY 2004 2004 Annual Report
FY 2003 2003 Annual Report
FY 2002 2002 Annual Report

For security reasons, these PDF files are not available in an alternate format.

Individual Firefighter Fatality Investigation Reports
Date of Death Name Fire Department Fatality Type
October 13, 2001 Captain Jay Jahnke Houston FD Fireground Operations
December 24, 2001 David R. Butler Spring Branch VFD Medical Condition
February 11, 2002 Vincent Davis Dallas Fire-Rescue Fireground Operations
April 6, 2002 Kevin L. Baker Mid-North VFD Medical Condition
August 12, 2002 Roger Dunn Clute VFD Medical Condition
August 12, 2002 Travis Wiens Wichita West VFD Motor Vehicle Incident
December 5, 2002 Captain Michael DePauw Dallas Fire-Rescue Medical Condition
December 13, 2002 Shawn Michael Espinoza Ranger VFD Medical Condition
January 19, 2003 James Edward Taylor Bonham FD Motor Vehicle Incident
January 19, 2003 Gary L. Staley Porter VFD Fireground Operations
February 12, 2003 Wayne Kevin Clarke Dallas Fire-Rescue Medical Condition
March 8, 2003 Stephen Leigh McGregor Baird VFD Medical Condition
March 18, 2003 Lt. Lance Mathew LaBelle-Fannett VFD Motor Vehicle Incident
November 5, 2003 Chief Ricardo Gonzales Beaumont FD Medical Condition
April 4, 2004 Kevin Kulow Houston FD Fireground Operations
July 9, 2004 Chief Gary Fox Bluegrove VFD Medical Condition
November 12, 2004 James Campbell Pendleton Harbor VFD Medical Condition
December 20, 2004 Nito Guajardo Baytown FD Fireground Operations
February 19, 2005 Captain Grady Burke Houston FD Fireground Operations
February 24, 2005 Chief Lonnie Nicklas Shepherd FD Medical Condition
March 30, 2005 Brandon Phillips Keller FD Medical Condition
April 24, 2005 Brian Hunton Amarillo FD Motor Vehicle Incident
November 22, 2005 Clint Dewayne Rice Carlton VFD Motor Vehicle Incident
December 11, 2005 Captain Chad Ernest Wessels Briggs VFD Motor Vehicle Incident
April 9, 2006 James McMorries, Jr. Howardwick VFD Motor Vehicle Incident
December 30, 2006 Phillip Townsend Denison FD Fireground Operations
August 3, 2007 Kevin Williams, Austin Cheek Noonday VFD Fireground Operations
July 4, 2008 Joe Pat Jordan Pickton-Pine Forest VFD Medical Condition
July 5, 2008 Chief Robert Leland Knight Teague VFD Fireground Operations
April 12, 2009 Captain James A. Harlow, Sr., and Firefighter Damion J. Hobbs Houston FD Fireground Operations
July 3, 2010 Captain Thomas Araguz Wharton VFD Fireground Operations
January 9, 2011 Firefighter Francis Ladue, Jr. Santa Rosa VFD Fireground Operations
April 9, 2011 Firefighter Elias Jaquez Cactus VFD Fireground Operations
April 15, 2011 Firefighter Gregory Simmons Eastland FD Fireground Operations
June 23, 2011 Firefighter Chris Pham Dallas Fire-Rescue Medical Condition
August 14, 2011 Lt. Todd Krodle Dallas Fire-Rescue Fireground Operations
August 12, 2011 Lt. Larry Nelson Val Verde County VFD On-Duty Incident
July 7, 2011 Firefighter Caleb Hamm Bureau of Land Management Fireground Operations

January 10, 2003: State Fire Marshal Issues Recommendations on Reducing the Number of On-Duty Firefighter Heart Attack Deaths

Crashes Involving Fire Department Water Tanker Trucks Are the Leading Cause of Death in Fire Service Motor Vehicle Incidents

Two fatal crashes involving motor vehicles modified into water tankers have been investigated by the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office. The State Fire Marshal wants to alert the Texas fire service regarding the construction and operation of fire department tankers used in transporting water. Read the Alert en Español.

Seasonal Safety Tips

For further assistance or additional information, contact the Fire Prevention & Outreach section at 512-305-7900.

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