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Texas Department of Insurance
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Discount rate/interest rate

The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation determines the interest or discount rates provided for in the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act on a quarterly basis. The rates are computed by using the treasury constant maturity rate for one-year treasury bills issued by the United States Government, as published by the Federal Reserve Board on the 15th day preceding the first day of the specified quarter, plus 3.5 percent. Texas Labor Code §401.023.

The table lists the previous and current interest and discount rates.

Applicability of discount/interest rate

  • Texas Labor Code, Section 403.007. Funding of Subsequent Injury Fund
  • Texas Labor Code, Section 408.064. Interest on Accrued Benefits
  • Texas Labor Code, Section 408.129. Acceleration of Impairment Income Benefits
  • Texas Labor Code, Section 413.019. Interest Earned for Delayed Payment, Refund, or Overpayment
    (Re: Medical Services and Fees)
  • Texas Labor Code, Section 415.008. Fraudulently Obtaining or Denying Benefits; Administrative Violation

Interest rate calculator

Excel Calculator - Instructions are included

Discount information updates

Tables available :
Present value of future weekly payments discounted at a given discount rate
Accumulated value of unpaid weeks with interest at a given interest rate
Accumulated value of unpaid lump sum with interest at a given interest rate

Interest rates

From To Rate
10/01/22 12/31/22 7.46%
07/01/22 09/30/22 6.38%
04/01/22 06/30/22 4.80%
01/01/22 03/31/22 3.77%
10/01/21 12/31/21 3.57%
07/01/21 09/30/21 3.58%
04/01/21 06/30/21 3.57%
01/01/21 03/31/21 3.59%
10/01/20 12/31/20 3.62%
07/01/20 09/30/20 3.68%
04/01/20 06/30/20 3.80%
01/01/20 03/31/20 5.03%
10/01/19 12/31/19 5.36%
07/01/19 09/30/19 5.50%
04/01/19 06/30/19 6.02%
01/01/19 03/31/19 6.16%
10/01/18 12/31/18 6.06%
07/01/18 09/30/18 5.85%
04/01/18 06/30/18 5.58%
01/01/18 03/31/18 5.21%
10/01/17 12/31/17 4.80%
07/01/17 09/30/17 4.71%

Discount information updates, October - December 2022

Description Weeks 1-200 Weeks 201-400
Present Value of Future Weekly Payments Discounted at a Given Discount Rate Excel Excel
Accumulated Value of Unpaid Weeks with Interest at a Given Interest Rate Excel Excel
Accumulated Value of Unpaid Lump Sum with Interest at a Given Interest Rate Excel Excel

NOTE: All of the above Excel links go to the same document. Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to make sure you have the desired table.

For more information regarding calculation of the Discount Rate and Interest Rate, contact CompConnection at 800-252-7031, option 3.

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Last updated: 9/27/2022