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5 tips for avoiding distracted driving

Distracted driving can pull your attention from the road and put others in danger. Knowing how to avoid distractions is vital for keeping employees safe on the road. Our tips can help.

Driver using her phone

1 Recognize the risks

Using an electronic device, drowsiness, eating and drinking, and focusing on other passengers in the vehicle are among the riskiest driving distractions. Driving while texting, or reading or writing email, became illegal in Texas in 2017.

2 Turn off the phone

Power off cell phones and other mobile electronic devices until you reach your destination or pull over in a safe and legal place if you cannot wait to talk or text. Cell phone blocking technology can help by preventing calling, texting, or using the Internet when driving.

3 Keep calm

Stay calm in stressful driving situations and don’t respond in kind to another driver’s erratic or aggressive driving. Keep your distance and let the driver go first if they are determined to do so.

4 Prepare for your trip

Preprogram music and navigation systems, and familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s safety features before setting out. Clear the vehicle of any unnecessary or loose objects.

5 Identify distracted drivers

Look out for motorists who are drifting from their lanes, driving at inconsistent speeds, or are preoccupied by other distracted behaviors. If you think the distracted driver is a danger to others, pull over in a safe place and call 3-1-1.


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Last updated: 3/13/2024