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Reported State Agency and University Fires: State Owned and Leased Facilities, Fiscal Years 2016-2020

Fiscal Year 2020

State building fires
Date of fire City Case Number Fire cause Business name Description
11-February-2020 San Antonio 20-322-02 Undetermined San Antonio SSLC Building 639: used for storage only, possibly electrical fire in back of building
8-February-2020 College Station 20-334-02 Undetermined Texas A&M University Doug Pitcock '49 Hotel & Conference Center: cleaning rags burned in dryer in laundry room
3-February-2020 San Felipe 20-335-02 Accidental Stephen F. Austin State Park Host Site 50: staff cleaned out fire pit, put hot ash in bed of utility vehicle, bed and tailgate damaged, extinguished with water, no other damage
1-February-2020 San Felipe 20-318-02 Accidental Stephen F. Austin State Park tree on fire; campers started campfire, moss hanging from tree above ignited, fire began to travel up tree; extinguished quickly, no other damage
31-January-2020 San Antonio 20-310-02 Accidental San Antonio State Hospital vehicle in use at time of fire; small fire by exhaust, portable fire extinguisher used; contained to vehicle
31-January-2020 College Station 20-314-02 Accidental Texas A&M University National Aerothermochemistry Lab: fire inside fume hood; special wipe caught fire when used to clean pair of tweezers covered in rubidium; no other damage, building remained open
31-January-2020 Carlsbad 20-306-02 Incendiary San Angelo SSLC client set fire to her pants; no damage to state property
27-January-2020 Victoria 20-305-02 Accidental University of Houston Victoria Jaguar Hall: women's restroom exhaust fan exhibited obvious signs of fire damage; possible fan motor overheating and burning; total evacuation but no further damage
10-January-2020 Bastrop 20-285-1 Undetermined Bastrop State Park two trees in separate locations burned, possibly from lightning strikes; one was named the Dam Fire, the other the Norfolk Fire; both extinguished without farther spread, no other damage
7-January-2020 Mexia 20-268-1 Undetermined Mexia SSLC dumpster behind admin building: contents fire, no other damage
18-December-2019 Denton 20-227-12 Undetermined University of North Texas Facilities vehicle: parked on sidewalk outside Victory Hall, fire in area of fuel tank
18-December-2019 Dallas 20-232-12 Accidental UT Southwestern Medical Center Clements University Hospital: fire in conference room trash can; improper disposal of Sterno can, damage to can only, staff extinguished; no sprinkler activated
10-December-2019 San Angelo 20-222-12 Undetermined Angelo State University Plaza Verde apartments: cup with partially burned papers in dumpster; ASU student cited by ASU police for violation of university rules and regulations
9-December-2019 Denton 20-214-12 Undetermined University of North Texas dumpster in parking lot, dumpster damaged, no examination because of standing water, no facilities damage
2-December-2019 Port O'Connor 20-216-12 Undetermined Matagorda Island Wildlife Management Area TPW vehicle running a public hunt; employee dropped a hunter off at a blind, fire started under the vehicle around the transmission, spread to grass and turned into wildfire; 2 days to extinguish; hunt cancelled
21-November-2019 Corpus Christi 20-190-11 Accidental Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Miramar Apartments Surf Hall: washing machine malfunction in laundry room, created large amount of smoke; no fire, ventilated building and let residents return
18-November-2019 Dallas 20-193-11 Accidental UT Southwestern Medical Center Clements University Hospital: fire contained to a mobile work station on 11th floor, extinguished by staff; originated in Tripp-Lite Uninterrupted Power Supply attached to work station
17-November-2019 Tennessee Colony 20-195-11 Undetermined Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area fire started offsite: moved onto TPWD property; person claimed it started when he drove his pickup through high grass on his own property
16-November-2019 Bryan 20-221-12 Accidental Texas A&M University TEEX Aerospace Hanger: small fire within rocket combustion chamber extinguished to prevent damage to sensors and other infrastructure; no building damage
13-November-2019 Tyler 20-207-12 Undetermined University of Texas Tyler Auxiliary Building 2: small fire in junction box in furnace closet; no other damage, building evacuated, repairs made
9-November-2019 Goliad 20-176-11 Accidental Goliad State Park Karankawa Campgrounds: propane-fueled camp stove left unattended, fire started at hose connecting tank to stove; extinguished quickly, minimal damage
5-November-2019 El Paso 20-161-11 Undetermined El Paso SSLC small fire in dumpster, extinguished with portable, smoldered, FD called
30-October-2019 Denton 20-152-10 Accidental University of North Texas Boomer Barn: fire outside storage unit caused by wax overflow onto open flame while spirit organization was preparing torches for homecoming bonfire; damage limited to fryer and portable canopy; extinguished with handheld extinguishers, no other damage
24-October-2019 Mexia 20-136-10 Accidental Mexia SSLC Dorm: paper used in microwave ignited when thrown in trash can; extinguished by janitor pouring mop bucket water into trash can, no evacuation, no damage
21-October-2019 College Station 20-132-10 Accidental Texas A&M University Services Building: building proctor discovered smoke and fire coming from a CPU, extinguished with a dry chemical extinguisher; damage to computer and desk; CPU found plugged into a daisy-chained power strip plugged into extension cord.
21-October-2019 Edinburg 20-133-10 Accidental University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Mary Alice Shary Shivers Building: smoke in elevator control room, no fire; elevator motor brushes may have worn down and caused smoke; full evacuation, no damage beyond motor
11-October-2019 College Station 20-117-10 Accidental Texas A&M University Ag Life Science Building 4: air compressor belt overheated, caused smoke, no fire; belt replaced, no damage to building
11-October-2019 Concan 20-105-10 Accidental Garner State Park Booster pump room: booster pumps failed, one smoking heavily; small fire in windings of the motor quickly extinguished, damage limited to motor
10-October-2019 Goliad 20-103-10 Undetermined Goliad State Park Karankawa Campground: small fire in engine compartment of zero-turn lawn mower, extinguished with extinguisher on lawn mower; minor damage, possibly a faulty part
9-October-2019 Houston 20-116-10 Accidental University of Houston Susanna Garrison Gymnasium: odor of burning reported; extensive search, fan powered box smoldering; full evacuation, $200,000 in ceiling damage.
27-September-2019 Corpus Christi 20-081-10 Accidental Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Miramar Apartments: resident preheated oven, forgot to remove plastic bowl, which caught fire inside oven; damage confined to oven interior
27-September-2019 Corpus Christi 20-082-10 Undetermined Mustang Island State Park small grass fire along Hwy. 361; Corpus Christi FD extinguished
26-September-2019 College Station 20-073-09 Accidental Texas A&M University McFerrin '65 Parsons Mounted Cavalry Headquarters: metal container of oily rags in storage room began to smolder, smoke detector activated, fire extinguished by FD; no other damage
26-September-2019 Laredo 20-096-10 Accidental Texas A&M University International Lamar Bruni Vergara Teaching Lab: experiment created a small fire/smoke, self extinguished
25-September-2019 College Station 20-085-10 Accidental Texas A&M University Satellite Utility Plant #2: electric motor turned on, flames seen, power turned off and fire extinguisher used to extinguish remaining flames; damage confined to motor
24-September-2019 Denton 20-068-09 Undetermined University of North Texas Athletics Center: fire in dryer; damage to dryer and contents only; contents were towels from concession stand, possible unknown cleaning chemicals on them
17-September-2019 Arlington 20-052-09 Undetermined University of Texas Arlington Greenhouse: fire started at one of the utility vehicles (Kawasaki Mule)
17-September-2019 Waco 20-076-09 Accidental Texas State Technical College students accidentally started fire while welding because they failed to tighten all connections properly, leaking fuel; set of cutting torch hoses burned, no other damage
16-September-2019 Mexia 20-050-09 Incendiary Mexia SSLC Administration Building 662: resident broke into office, took off shirt and ignited it, quickly extinguished by staff, no alarm or evacuation
14-September-2019 Denton 20-051-09 Accidental Texas Woman's University grass fire; sparks from blown transformer ignited grass fire on old golf course
12-September-2019 Corpus Christi 20-055-09 Accidental Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Miramar Apartments 700 building: resident overloaded washing machine, causing it to overheat and smoke; no other damage, machine unplugged until replaced
12-September-2019 Houston 20-058-09 Accidental University of Houston

Technology Bridge 7: homemade 3D printer malfunctioned, caused fire, Houston FD responded, fire already out

11-September-2019 Houston 20-057-09 Accidental University of Houston Clear Lake University Forest Apartments: small kitchen fire where grease had accumulated in burner drip pan, tenant extinguished with portable extinguisher
10-September-2019 Bryan 20-047-09 Accidental Texas A&M University Center for Infrastructure Renewal: food overcooked in microwave, no fire but smoke set off alarm; no damage to building
10-September-2019 Brenham 20-041-09 Accidental Brenham SSLC Cottage E: kitchen being cleaned after meal, container moved across stove and control bumped to "on," container left next to burner, ignited a few minutes later; staff extinguished, full evacuation, no alarm or sprinkler system activation
7-September-2019 Houston 20-056-09 Undetermined University of Houston M.D. Anderson Library: dumpster fire outside library, extinguished by Houston FD
6-September-2019 Harlingen 20-033-09 Accidental Texas State Technical College Palo Blanco Dorm M3: student cooking, set off smoke alarm, no fire, no FD response
5-September-2019 Corpus Christi 20-033-09 Accidental Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Harbor Hall: fan motor in bathroom vent caught fire, fell to floor, spread to room's contents, extinguished with portable extinguisher; total evacuation
5-September-2019 Denton 20-011-09 Accidental University of North Texas McConnell Hall: smoke from burned food on cooktop in dorm set off smoke and fire alarms; smoke only, no fire, no damage; total evacuation
4-September-2019 Denton 20-019-09 Accidental Texas Woman's University Mary Hufford Hall: plastic bowl left on cooktop set off smoke alarm; no fire, partial evacuation, no damage
3-September-2019 Denton 20-020-09 Accidental University of North Texas University Union: tortilla machine being cleaned produced smoke, no fire, no damage; personnel instructed how to prevent future false alarms
2-September-2019 Concan 20-031-09 Accidental Garner State Park hot coals dumped in a dumpster in day use area, caught other trash on fire, no buildings damaged
1-September-2019 Glen Rose 20-035-09 Undetermined Dinosaur Valley State Park hot charcoal placed in dumpster; extinguished by park staff with buckets of water, no other damage
1-September-2019 Smithville 20-008-09 Accidental Buescher State Park tree near property line west of Scenic Overlook struck by lightning, no other damage

Fiscal Year 2019

State building fires
Date of fire City Case Number Fire cause Business name Description
29-August-2019 College Station 19-708-08 Accidental Texas A&M University Building 3137: cooking fire; student burned food while cooking, no damage
29-August-2019 Houston 19-707-08 Accidental University of Houston Lynn Eusan Park: electrical cord from generator had a short at the plug; caused a small fire, no other damage
29-August-2019 Denton 19-710-08 Accidental University of North Texas Student Union building: smoke from cooking grease in Taco Bueno activated alarm; full evacuation
28-August-2019 Denton 19-711-08 Accidental University of North Texas Theta Chi Fraternity House: fire alarms activated by smoke from smoke machine being used indoors for house party; total evacuation
28-August-2019 Denton 19-709-08 Accidental Texas Woman's University microwave fire; no alarm/sprinkler activation; possible electrical fire
27-August-2019 College Station 19-702-08 Accidental Texas A&M University Veterinary Anatomic Pathology building: fire under incinerator; small leak on incinerator allowed animal fat to contact burners; extinguished with portable extinguisher, no damage
26-August-2019 Laredo 19-704-08 Accidental Texas A&M International University Academic Innovation Center: fire in restroom trashcan; workers had put rags with linseed oil in trash can
26-August-2019 Odessa 19-706-08 Accidental University of Texas Permian Basin Building 213: smoke from grease spilled on stove, no fire, in an apartment
24-August-2019 Caddo 20-001-09 Undetermined Possum Kingdom State Park grass fire behind maintenance building; believed to be electrical
23-August-2019 College Station 19-690-08 Accidental Texas A&M University Centeq Building, Lab 130: ethanol fire on lab bench; when tool to be sterilized was put in a jar containing 95% ethanol, the jar cracked, ethanol spread on desk top, vapors reached open flame and ignited; extinguished quickly, full evacuation, area cleaned, minimal damage
22-August-2019 College Station 19-689-08 Accidental Texas A&M University White Creek Apartments: burned bacon set off smoke alarm, full evacuation, no fire, no damage
22-August-2019 Austin 20-007-09 Accidental Texas Dept. of Public Safety Headquarters Building G&I: power line fell between buildings, power lost to both; partial evacuation, no damage to structures


Houston 19-68995-08 Accidental M.D. Anderson Hospital Mays' Clinic: small fire in kitchen stove control panel, extinguished with hand-held extinguisher; no evacuation; gas line found to have corroded, causing a leak
22-August-2019 Denton 19-701-08 Accidental University of North Texas Fiji House: heavy smoke from outside grilling activated alarm; no active fire, no damage
21-August-2019 Corpus Christi 19-703-08 Accidental Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Anchor Hall: bathroom vent in student apartment caught fire but self-extinguished
21-August-2019 El Paso 20-004-09 Accidental Franklin Mountains State Park lightning strike ignited small wildfire around Tom Mays Camping Unit, extinguished quickly by rain
21-August-2019 Canyon 19-688-08 Accidental West Texas A&M University Centennial Hall: burned popcorn in dorm room, alarm activation and FD response, full evacuation, no fire, no damage
21-August-2019 College Station 19-687-08 Accidental Texas A&M University Range Science Field Lab: plumber soldering pipes, smoke activated alarm, no fire, no damage
20-August-2019 Houston 19-682-08 Accidental M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Clark Clinic: employee placed burned food in restroom trash can, ignited paper products; small fire, self-extinguished
19-August-2019 College Station 19-675-08 Accidental Texas A&M University Ashton Hall: burned popcorn in resident's room caused smoke, evacuation, no fire, no damage
19-August-2019 College Station 19-674-08 Accidental Texas A&M University Kleburg Animal & Food Sciences Center: motor on fan coil unit shorted out and caused smoke in ductwork, no fire
19-August-2019 Livingston 19-681-08 Accidental Lake Livingston State Park dumpster fire when someone disposed of hot charcoal in foil pan in dumpster
18-August-2019 Bryan 19-673-08 Undetermined Texas A&M University Center for Infrastructure Renewal: small fire in building landscaping mulch; extinguished with water, no damage to building, no cause found
15-August-2019 Denton 19-700-08 Accidental University of North Texas Traditions Hall: burned popcorn activated smoke alarms, no fire, no damage
14-August-2019 Bastrop 19-672-08 Accidental Bastrop State Park 4.2 acres of trees and grass burned in a brush fire cause by lightning strike
14-August-2019 Dallas 19-686-08 Accidental UT Southwestern Medical Center Seay Biomedical Building: fire in autoclave, extinguished with hand-held extinguisher, only auto-clave damages, $5000 damage
12-August-2019 Mexia 19-649-08 Incendiary Mexia SSLC Building 732: resident set small fire in bathroom that self-extinguished
12-August-2019 TP&W State Park  19-693-08 Accidental Palo Duro State Park fire at treeline behind Pioneer Amphitheater; fire during show the night before was not reported, extinguished but embers blew from original fire area
11-August-2019 Mexia 19-649-08 Accidental Mexia SSLC brush fire on neighboring property spread to MSSLC property; no building damage
8-August-2019 Odessa 19-667-08 Accidental University of Texas Permian Basin student apartment: unattended cooking produced smoke that set off smoke detector; no fire, no evacuation, no damage
7-August-2019 Odessa 19-666-08 Accidental University of Texas Permian Basin student apartment: unattended cooking produced smoke that set off smoke detector; no fire, no evacuation, no damage
6-August-2019 Bastrop 19-646-08 Accidental Buescher State Park small wildland brush fire in oak and pine leaf litter caused by small smoldering campfire; no damage to any structures
5-August-2019 Houston 19-642-08 Accidental M.D. Anderson Hospital Clark Clinic kitchen: excessive grease build-up caused fire outside fryer vat; employee activated suppression system, extinguished by Ansul system
4-August-2019 Odessa 19-665-08 Accidental University of Texas Permian Basin student apartment: unattended cooking produced smoke that set off smoke detector; no fire, no evacuation, no damage
3-August-2019 Odessa 19-664-08 Accidental University of Texas Permian Basin student apartment: unattended cooking produced smoke that set off smoke detector; no fire, no evacuation, no damage
2-August-2019 Odessa 19-663-08 Accidental University of Texas Permian Basin student apartment: unattended cooking produced smoke that set off smoke detector; no fire, no evacuation, no damage
23-July-2019 San Antonio 19-617-07 Undetermined San Antonio State Hospital Milam Hall chapel: fluorescent light fixture burned, staff extinguished, minimal damage
18-July-2019 San Marcos 19-613-07 Accidental Texas State University Kubota ATV carrying mulch, mulch too close to engine exhaust, ignited; $12,000 loss
17-July-2019 Victoria 19-612-07 Accidental University of Houston Victoria roofers using heat to melt tar during roof installation, cracks in concrete pads allowed smoke into building, minimal damage
16-July-2019 Austin 19-595-07 Undetermined Texas Facilities Commission warehouse in parking garage R: batteries in battery recycle bin caught fire; AFD extinguished
16-July-2019 Cuero 19-602-07 Undetermined TDCJ Stevenson Unit dumpster near hangars; staff and inmates used extinguishers; smoke coming from a stack of wood pallets, that plus sawdust caused spontaneous combustion
15-July-2019 College Station 19-670-08 Accidental Texas A&M University White Creek Apartments, Building A: small grease fire in apartment kitchen, occupant injured when he put water in pan, causing fire to flash out of pan; minimal damage to apartment
13-July-2019 San Angelo 19-591-07 Incendiary San Angelo SSLC client ignited laundry hamper of dirty linens in bathroom; staff extinguished quickly, full evacuation, building back in use
28-June-2019 Houston 19-568-07 Accidental UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Smith Research Building: glass sterilizing oven caught fire, extinguished by sprinkler system when FD opened the oven to extinguish; damage only to oven, building in use
26-June-2019 College Station 19-669-08 Accidental Texas A&M University National Facility for Electron Beam Research: feed bags of corn got stuck on conveyor going through electron beam irradiation chamber, heated up and ignited; complete evacuation, minimal damage
25-June-2019 College Station 19-668-08 Accidental Texas A&M University hot coals from nearby restaurant put in dumpster before they were cooled; restaurant employee retrained on procedure
24-June-2019 San Angelo 19-552-06 Incendiary San Angelo SSLC individual stuffed items in microwave in break room, started fire
20-June-2019 Richmond 19-560-06 Accidental TDCJ Jester Unit employee housing: small fire in storage shed; failure of extension cord ignited nearby items; minimal damage to state property
19-June-2019 Denton 19-545-06 Accidental Accidental Hubbard Hall: welders accidentally started fire during construction; damage mainly to roof
19-June-2019 Austin 19-542-06 Undetermined University of Texas at Austin North End Zone Building, Athletic Nutrition Center: fire at spice/seasoning growing tower; motor of clogged water pump may have burned out
16-June-2019 Denton 19-527-06 Accidental University of North Texas Discovery Park: generator outside building caught fire; damage to unit only, no buildings
11-June-2019 Victoria 19-517-06 Undetermined University of Houston Victoria West Building: air handler motor seized, creating smoke and fire, no damage to building
9-June-2019 Mexia 19-508-06 Accidental Mexia SSLC resident burned loose thread on blanket with lighter; staff member extinguished, no FD response, no evacuation, no damage
6-June-2019 Austin 19-584-07 Accidental University of Texas at Austin Hackerman Building: researcher working in chemical lab had a small amount of chemical in syringe, drew in another chemical; reacted and ignited, syringe fell near a larger vessel under fume hood and ignited fumes, extinguished with dry chemical extinguisher, minimal damage
6-June-2019 Lubbock 19-505-06 Accidental Lubbock SSLC full sandwich placed in toaster, caused smoke but no fire, alarm activation, evacuation; no damage
3-June-2019 Laredo 19-506-06 Accidental Texas A&M University International Student Center: fire in small smoking receptacle outside center, discarded cigarette butts burned, extinguished quickly with no damage
3-June-2019 Denton 19-514-06 Accidental University of North Texas fire in bathroom light fixture in Risk Management Center; extinguished quickly, minimal damage, possibly caused by defective bulb
2-June-2019 College Station 19-499-06 Accidental Texas A&M University Poultry Science Building: items soaked in ether put into drying oven too soon; items ignited, oven blew open, fire damage to room before self-extinguishment; oven specifically not rated for that use
31-May-2019 El Paso 19-500-06 Accidental University of Texas at El Paso Kelly Hall: staff member heating pastries in small electric oven, pastries ignited, staff extinguished with portable extinguisher, full evacuation because of smoke, no damage
28-May-2019 San Angelo 19-492-05 Incendiary San Angelo SSLC patient got upset, set fire to bedding in room; staff extinguished, full evacuation
13-May-2019 Corpus Christi 19-466-05 Incendiary Corpus Christi SSLC open-air pavilion, bldg. 2670, tenant ignited blanket, staffer used extinguisher, no other damage, no evacuation
10-May-2019 Mexia 19-463-05 Accidental Mexia SSLC fire in vegetation outside building, first of two, patient carelessly discarded smoking materials
10-May-2019 Mexia 19-464-05 Accidental Mexia SSLC fire in vegetation outside building, second of two, patient carelessly discarded smoking materials
6-May-2019 College Station 19-455-05 Undetermined Texas A&M University Rosenthal Meat Science Building--plastic container of wood shavings to smoke meat; container or plastic shovel came in contact with exhaust pipe from the burner; management reviewing operations to prevent future occurrence
6-May-2019 Lubbock 19-468-05 Accidental Texas Tech University Health Science Center pizza oven smoked, no other damage; no alarm, no evacuation, $1500 damage
28-April-2019 Mexia 19-438-04 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident set clothes on fire in dorm room; staff extinguished, total evacuation
26-April-2019 Nacogdoches 19-433-04 Undetermined Stephen F. Austin University weed drying shed: mechanical failure in wood dryer
25-April-2019 Lubbock 19-445-05 Accidental Lubbock SSLC Building 513: client overcooked popcorn, smoke set off alarm, no fire
24-April-2019 San Antonio 19-425-04 Undetermined UT Health Science Center portable building used for storage (maintenance dept.); FD said electrical, building a total loss, no evacuation needed
22-April-2019 Mexia 19-417-04 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident set paper on fire outside of structure; extinguished quickly, no damage
21-April-2019 Lubbock 19-444-05 Accidental Lubbock SSLC

Building 513: client cooking microwave popcorn, burned it; smoke set off alarm, no fire, no damage

16-April-2019 San Antonio 19-419-04 Accidental Texas A&M University Central Academic Room--smoke from warming box; hot box containing sheet pans and pizzas in boxes, sterno put in incorrectly, hot box got too hot, started smoking; no fire, minimal damage
4-April-2019 Houston 19-386-04 Undetermined University of Houston Parking Lot 20A: parking lot sweeper caught fire while being used
20-March-2019 Denton 19-372-03 Accidental University of North Texas parking lot--fire extended to several vehicles; vehicle of origin believed to be Ford Fusion, on recall list for engine compartment fires (cylinder head crack may cause an oil leak that may result in fire)
3-April-2019 College Station 19-388-04 Accidental Texas A&M University

fire in a lab oven in Kleburg Building, student drying soil in paper bags, flame/heat activated sprinkler and alarm

3-April-2019 El Paso 19-389-04 incendiary THHS El Paso Psychiatric Center

small fire in trash can caused by juvenile being processed; extinguished by staff, minimal damage

1-April-2019 Dallas 19-381-04 Accidental Texas A&M University School of Dentistry fire on student chemistry lab table from alcohol torch; student knocked torch over, thus igniting paper products protecting the bench, extinguished with hand-held extinguisher; minimal damage
10-March-2019 Lubbock 19-370-03 Incendiary Lubbock SSLC  Cannas Home--resident set some alcohol-based sanitizer on fire on table, staff member extinguished, no damage
6-March-2018 El Paso 19-349-03 Accidental University of Texas at El Paso Chemistry/Computer Science Building; small fire in chemistry lab, pyrophoric reagent not adequately quenched when put in waste container, paper towels flared up, material put back into fume hood for separation; extinguisher used, no property damage, no alarm because fume hood was used
5-March-2018 Houston 19-347-03 Accidental University of Houston small fire overnight behind fryer in Moody Dining Commons, result of pilot light igniting grease accumulation on back of fryer; spread to grease built up on electrical cord and gas line
3-March-2019 Mexia 19-340-03 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident set sleeping bag on fire in locker
21-February-2019 San Angelo 19-325-2 Incendiary San Angelo SSLC client set clothing on fire; no prosecution
17-February-2019 Houston 19-316-02 Accidental University of Houston dorm--resident left curling iron plugged in and unattended, small fire on counter, partial evacuation, minimal damage
16-February-2019 Houston 19-311-02 Accidental University of Houston small kitchen grease fire in dorm room, quickly extinguished, minimal damage, no FD response
2-February-2019 Pampa 19-315-2 Undetermined TDCJ Rufe Jordan Unit educational building, cause was a sewing machine
23-January-2019 Pollock 19-269-01 Undetermined Lufkin SSLC originated in plastic laundry basket with towels and rags from canteen; extinguished by staff, no evacuation, no FD response
20-January-2019 Mexia 19-262-01 Incendiary Mexia SSLC rag stuffed in drainhole of dumpster near building 11, set on fire, no damage, no prosecution
19-January-2019 Mexia 19-260-01 Incendiary Mexia SSLC staff discovered burning soiled towels and cart, scorched metal door outside building 774 W2; minimal damage, no prosecution
19-January-2019 Denton 19-265-01 Accidental University of North Texas apartment--fire alarm evacuation from student burning the end of a para-cord bracelet in their room; no damage, successful evacuation 
19-January-2019 Mexia 19-259-01 Incendiary Mexia SSLC staff discovered burning soiled towels and cart burning outside building 774 W4; no prosecution
13-January-2019 Denton 19-256-01 Accidental University of North Texas McConnell Hall (apartment)--small fire after laptop plugged into extension cord; total damage estimated $100, training will be conducted
5-January-2019 Lubbock 19-241-01 Accidental Lubbock SSLC staff using electric skillet in residential building, set it too high, pan cooked dry and smoked heavily, smoke got into rest of building, activated smoke alarm; full evacuation, no fire
31-December-2018 El Paso 19-237-01 Undetermined University of Texas at El Paso fire in CBS Sports Audio/Visual Broadcast mobile unit in Sun Bowl game in Sun Bowl Stadium; all damage to privately owned property, no damage to state property
25-December-2018 College Station 19-223-12 Accidental Texas A&M University CVE lab, building 325, small fire in a digester in a lab, full evacuation, damaged equipment removed, building being repaired
21-December-2018 Harlingen 19-441-04 Incendiary Rio Grande State Hospital female caught sweater on fire with lighter, second-degree burns on hands
4-December-2018 Canyon 19-189-12 Accidental West Texas A&M University lint trap in a dryer used by WTAMU athletes in the Activity Center began to smolder, creating smoke; total evacuation
3-December-2018 Denton 19-193-12 Undetermined Texas Woman's University building under construction
29-November-2018 Lubbock 19-184-12 Accidental Lubbock SSLC towel left on top of kiln smoldered, produced smoke, no fire; staff smelled smoke, removed it
26-November-2018 Brazoria 19-172-11 Accidental TDCJ Clemens Unit electrical fire in the ceiling of the Education Building; unoccupied, minimal damage
25-November-2018 College Station 19-162-11 Undetermined TAMU parking lot, dumpster fire in tailgate area after TAMU/LSU game
21-November-2018 College Station 19-161-11 Undetermined TAMU Mechanical Engineering Dept. fire in 3D printer room; printer caught fire, extinguished quickly, no other damage
20-November-2018 Austin 19-153-11 Undetermined Robert E. Johnson Bldg. Insp. Lambert on site at time of alarm, minor thermal damage in electrical panel in elevator room
19-November-2018 Houston 19-150-11 Accidental University of Houston M.D. Anderson Library: small fire in vending machine; black electrical tape put around a light bulb, tape had melted, begun to smoke, fire contained to machine, no building damage
17-November-2018 Austin 19-163-11 Accidental University of Texas at Austin DKR Stadium East corridor: sterno can knocked over, ignited tabletop; extinguished by staff, minor damage
16-November-2018 Austin 19-152-11 Undetermined Austin SSLC repairs being made to dental facility, sparks from a grinder ignited curtains and carpet; extinguished quickly, no other damage
14-November-2018 Nacogdoches 19-139-11 Undetermined Stephen F. Austin University fire began in office/classroom area of Beef Center Barn
12-November-2018 Houston 19-144-11 Accidental University of Houston Bayou Oaks Apartments: candle left unattended in student apartment burned down to holder, caught combustible on fire, set off fire alarm, no damage
12-November-2018 Denton 19-145-11 Accidental University of North Texas fire in trash can outside Bruce Hall; student tried to light a newspaper on fire, thought it was out and put it in trash, went back to retrieve it and saw smoke
10-November-2018 Houston 19-136-11 Accidental University of Houston small fire in water heater from resistance heating caused by loose connection; extinguished with portable extinguisher
4-November-2018 Big Spring 19-122-11 Accidental Big Spring State Hospital damage to a fish tank and microwave in a maintenance building; minimal damage, no evacuation
3-November-2018 Austin 19-151-11 Undetermined LBJ Building dumpster fire at loading dock; hot coals from possible tailgater ignited contents of dumpster
2-November-2018 Abilene 19-121-11 Undetermined TDCJ Middleton Unit storage building containing paints, paint thinners, etc.; no evacuation, minimal damage
29-October-2018 Nacogdoches 19-119-11 Accidental Stephen F. Austin University Steen library: student removing battery from iPhone, battery sparked and erupted into flames, stomped fire out, minimal damage, no alarm or evacuation
27-October-2018 Denton 19-117-11 Accidental University of North Texas Apogee Stadium parking lot--small fire in metal trash can, paper products in bin intended for hot coals only; total loss $50
21-October-2018 Mexia 19-097-10 Incendiary Mexia SSLC one person set 3 fires, all contained to materials ignited; extinguished by staff, lighter confiscated
18-October-2018 Austin 19-093-10 Accidental Austin SSLC jump starting a personal vehicle from another personal vehicle in the parking lot, sparks caused fire
16-October-2018 Houston 19-110-10 Accidental University of Houston Roy Cullen classroom building: small industrial floor fan being used to dry the floor after a roof leak malfunctioned, caught fire and produced smoke; minimal damage
14-October-2018 College Station 19-105-10 Accidental TAMU internal wiring of stove in hall director's room caught fire; FD unplugged oven, took outside; no extinguishment necessary, no other damage
10-October-2018 Houston 19-071-10 Accidental University of Houston Science & Research Building: too much material placed in drying oven; small fire, student used extinguisher, damage only to oven and contents
10-October-2018 Lubbock 19-081-10 Incendiary Lubbock SSLC fire in family lodge, suspect arrested
10-October-2018 Nacogdoches 19-143-11 Accidental Stephen F. Austin University Lumberjack Village: resident burned a candle, fire alarm activated, no damage, candle confiscated
10-October-2018 Iowa Park 19-075-10 Undetermined TDCJ Allred Unit inmate had modified multiplug adapter, removed from cell
8-October-2018 Lubbock 19-075-10 Incendiary Lubbock SSLC individual with lighter took off his shirt and lit it, apparently tried to ignite wet grass next to maintenance building
1-October-2018 Carlsbad 19-068-09 Incendiary San Angelo SSLC client burned her jacket on sidewalk; no damage to building
27-September-2018 El Paso 19-066-09 Accidental University of Texas at El Paso Chemistry and Computer Science Building: fume hood, solvent accidentally overheated; extinguished quickly, room evacuated, no building damage
22-September-2018 Houston 19-059-09 Accidental University of Houston carelessly discarded smoking materials in apartment bathroom trashcan, evacuation successful
19-September-2018 Mexia 19-048-09 Incendiary Mexia SSLC Exterior wall of vacant building used for storage; extinguished by staff, no evacuation, wood side of building; no further leads by 11/1/2018, case closed
18-September-2018 Austin 19-055-09 Accidental University of Texas at Austin Jester Center A203A: demo in chem lab, ethyl alcohol dripped onto protective paper, ignited; put out with CO2 extinguisher, no injures, no damage
18-September-2018 Houston 19-053-09 Accidental University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center #522: fan belt on air handling unit in mechanical room overheated, produced smoke, no fire, damage confined to air handling unit
17-September-2018 Denton 19-046-09 Accidental University of North Texas e-cig battery exploded in student's backpack in university library; only backpack and carpet damaged
3-September-2018 Corpus Christi 19-004-09 Accidental TAMU Corpus Christi fire in bathroom ductwork of shared dorm bathroom; 9/05 reassigned to Huston from Johse
1-September-2018 Lubbock 19-029-09 Accidental Lubbock SSLC resident was vaping in Rose Hall and caused the fire alarm to activate
1-September-2018 Bryan 19-027-09 Accidental TAMU battery cell failure in a Chafon portable UPS battery backup in the Autonomous Vehicle Lab
1-September-2018 Houston 19-052-09 Accidental University of Houston University Lofts Apartments, cooking fire smoke set off alarm, HFD responded and ventilated, no damage
1-September-2018 Denton 19-019-09 Accidental University of North Texas Small fire at football stadium caused by sterno can being used by caterers in a suite during game, minimal damage, no evacuation

Fiscal Year 2018

State building fires
Date of fire City Case Number Fire cause Business name Description
31-August-2018 Austin 19-022-09 Accidental University of Texas at Austin J.J. Pickle Research Campus: grass fire believed to be from cigarette, no damage to buildings
31-August-2018 El Paso 19-030-09 Accidental University of Texas at El Paso Metallurgy Building: fan in oven used for research quit working, caught fire, oven destroyed, no other damage
31-August-2018 El Paso 19-057-09 Accidental University of Texas at El Paso Metallurgy lab: oven used to heat asphalt composite materials overheated, materials ignited; extinguished by staff/students, damage to oven only
29-August-2018 Brenham 18-695-08 Accidental Brenham SSLC Bathroom exhaust fan in a cottage overheated, vent cover caught fire; full evacuation, minimal damage, electrical cause
25-August-2018 Houston 18-726-08 Accidental University of Houston Cougar Village apartments: small fire on motorized skateboard from improper charging, full evacuation, damage to skateboard only
10-August-2018 Austin 18-695-08 Accidental Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Surge protector smoked and popped; fire extinguisher used, minimal damage
25-July-2018 San Angelo 18-653-07 Undetermined Angelo State University Texan Hall ice machine, possibly electrical
23-July-2018 Waco 18-700-08 Accidental Texas State Technical College Student apartment fire; improperly discarded smoking materials, fire extinguished by resident.
23-July-2018 Mexia 18-647-07 Incendiary Mexia SSLC Client set fire to toilet paper dispenser, fire confined to bathroom, staff extinguished (case closed)
15-July-2018 Stephenville 18-645-07 Accidental TAMU Stephenville small fire in trash can in Agri-Life Building lab, smoke detectors activated, no damage
7-July-2018 Brownwood 18-674-08 Undetermined TDCJ Havins Unit Dumpster fire in parking lot
3-July-2018 Corpus Christi 18-629-07 Undetermined TAMU Corpus Christi Office in Coastal Bend Innovation Center, possibly electrical, no criminal activity suspected
29-June-2018 San Antonio 18-605-07 Accidental San Antonio SSLC Microwave overheated, causing smoke; no fire; evacuation successful
26-June-2018 Lubbock 18-600-06 Accidental Lubbock SSLC Popcorn left in microwave smoked but did not burn; FD cleared smoke
16-June-2018 Austin 18-584-06 Undetermined State Capitol building West side lawn, small smoldering fire in outdoor trash can, security extinguished, no damage
26-May-2018 Austin 18-545-06 Accidental Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Air Lab 219--air sampling tree appliance had smoldering wiring, produced smoke, possibly from a short, staff extinguished; minimal damage
24-May-2018 Corpus Christi 18-509-05 Accidental Corpus Christi SSLC HVAC motor overheated, produced smoke; all evacuated, no fire
14-May-2018 Mexia 18-471-05 Accidental Mexia SSLC Accidental fire in microwave caused by heating inappropriate types of packaging using foil as a liner
3-May-2018 Austin 18-450-05 Accidental University of Texas at Austin Guard discovered smoke in computer hardware room on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus involving four supercomputer hard drives
29-April-2018 Mexia 18-443-04 Incendiary Mexia SSLC Client obtained lighter, ignited paper towel dispenser
26-April-2018 Houston 18-448-05 Accidental University of Houston 14 vehicles damaged in parking garage fire; fire started in engine compartment of parked 2014 Honda Accord; one firefighter injured
24-April-2018 Corpus Christi 18-436-04 undetermined TAMU Corpus Christi Marina Hall (student housing): small fire in bathroom exhaust fan activated alarm, minimal damage to fan unit only
23-April-2018 Houston 18-435-04 Accidental University of Houston Flash fire in food truck on university property; broken gas piping, no state property damaged
17-April-2018 Houston 18-425-04 Accidental University of Houston small electrical fire caused by short circuit when power was rerouted from CenterPoint to university substation
13-April-2018 Denton 18-421-04 Accidental University of North Texas fire in cigarette bin, no damage
30-March-2018 Overton 18-400-04 Undetermined TAMU Texas Agri-Life maintenance building; two firefighter injuries, large building used for storage, including vehicles (case closed)
28-March-2018 Lubbock 18-402-04 Incendiary Lubbock SSLC resident set sweater on fire, staff stomped it out, no damage, increased supervision
26-March-2018 Austin 18-391-03 Accidental SSLC/ASH item in microwave sparked, ignited paper towel; minimal damage, no FD response, no evacuation
25-March-2018 Denton 18-394-03 Accidental University of North Texas Discovery Park Research Center—section of bushes beside a sidewalk; away from any structure; Denton Police Department extinguished; no indication of criminal activity.
19-March-2018 Big Spring 18-386-03 Accidental Big Spring State Hospital Fire department found smoke; no fire; motor malfunction in HVAC created smoke.
9-March-2018 Lubbock 18-355-03 Incendiary Lubbock SSLC client being taken to doctor appointment in vehicle, client caused problems and was returned to campus; she refused to exit van, used lighter to set piece of paper on fire and placed it on vehicle seat; extinguished quickly, minimal damage
7-March-2018 Houston 18-362-03 Accidental University of Houston electric motor on centrifuge on 5th floor of Science and Engineering Center seized, causing smoke
4-March-2018 Dallas 18-345-03 Accidental UT Southwestern Medical Center Medical Park Apartments resident cooking with oil, extinguished fire, Dallas FD responded, sprinklered/monitored, minimal damage to one apartment only
1-March-2018 Mexia 18-341-03 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident admitted igniting roommate's bedding; no smoke detector/sprinkler activated, minimal damage.
27-February-2018 Carlsbad 18-335-02 Accidental San Angelo SSLC greenhouse--netting fell on energized heat lamp in chicken coop, minimal damage
23-February-2018 Odessa 18-330-02 Accidental UT-Permian Basin student apartment cooking fire, minimal damage
14-February-2018 Houston 18-325-02 Accidental University of Houston Health and Biomedical Sciences building. electric motor fire on chiller in boiler room, extinguished with extinguisher, no FD response
7-February-2018 Sweetwater 18-312-02 Undetermined TSTC West Texas Bluebonnet Dorm destroyed by fire; possibly electrical
6-February-2018 Victoria 18-316-02 Incendiary University of Houston Toilet paper burned on steel stairwell railing in Jaguar residence hall; suspect unknown.
27-January-2018 San Marcos 18-315-02 Accidental Texas State University Harris Hall dining hall: smoke from boiler room, loading dock area; fire result of mechanical problems related to boiler/heater motor
25-January-2018 Houston 18-290-01 Accidental University of Houston small fire under commercial grill in Moody Towers' Dream Grill, from grease buildup in drip pans; extinguished quickly, minimal damage
24-January-2018 Terrell 18-286-01 Undetermined Terrell State Hospital small fire in oven, extinguished quickly, minimal damage
23-January-2018 Huntsville 18-278-01 Undetermined TDCJ Byrd Unit fire in restroom of employee housing duplex in area of heater/vent/light in ceiling
1-January-2018 Houston 18-231-01 Accidental University of Houston smoldering fire in cellulose material under basketball court at Fertitta Center; welding had occurred above the area several days before
17-December-2017 Houston 18-205-12 Incendiary University of Houston parking lot 4A light pole, juveniles seen riding around light pole, PD extinguished fire
15-December-2017 Victoria 18-225-01 Accidental University of Houston Jaguar Hall: student in apartment caused small fire in microwave, no damage to state property, quickly extinguished
15-December-2017 Huntsville 18-197-12 Incendiary 1225 Ave. G State of Texas TDCJ vehicle--individual sped away when patrol appeared; suspect has been referred to DA
11-December-2017 Mexia 18-191-12 Accidental Mexia SSLC laundry facility--contractor installing overhead door caused damage when sparks from metal grinding fell into laundry bin, hid damage and did not report immediately; damage found next day by staff member; damage confined to laundry bin, linens, wall
10-December-2017 Houston 18-194-12 Accidental University of Houston small fire in deep fryer in Moody Towers commercial kitchen, fire confined to fryer area, no evacuation
7-December-2017 College Station 18-181-12 Accidental Texas A&M University Park West Apartments, Bldg. 500, smoke in elevator shaft, burned paper and soot in and near elevator machine rooms; paper was from inside HVAC unit, unit taken offline for service
6-December-2017 Odessa 18-208-12 Incendiary TDCJ Parole Office second fire in several days, front entryway and A/C units, suspect indicted
4-December-2017 College Station 18-181-12 Accidental Texas A&M University Connally/Moore SUP: overheated motor emitted smoke, possibly smoldering insulation; one extinguisher used, minimal damage
3-December-2017 El Paso 18-169-12 Accidental UT El Paso Miner Village, Captain Hall. Vehicle fire in parking lot, non-state vehicle, improper use of jumper cables ignited materials in engine compartment, quickly extinguished, no damage to state property
3-December-2017 Odessa 18-207-12 Incendiary TDCJ Parole Office fire set at A/C condenser units, suspect indicted for arson
30-November-2017 College Station 18-178-12 Undetermined Texas A&M University dumpster in a parking area; no criminal activity, no damage except to dumpster
19-November-2017 Lubbock 18-144-11 Incendiary Lubbock SSLC resident set clothes on fire in patio trash can, staff extinguished, no FD, no damage
15-November-2017 Houston 18-136-11 Accidental University of Houston smoke in Lofts apartment complex, electric fan bushing failed, fan motor overheated and produced smoke, alarm activated, occupants evacuated, minimal damage
3-November-2017 Carlsbad 18-136-11 Accidental San Angelo SSLC vehicle burned outside fence on property; employee had car trouble and left it there, damage limited to engine compartment
3-November-2017 Lubbock 18-135-11 Incendiary Lubbock SSLC client caught toilet paper on fire in bathroom of Birch Home, no property damage or alarm activation, client placed on restrictions
30-October-2017 San Antonio 18-127-11 Accidental San Antonio SSLC vehicle carrying off-campus work crew; fire on trailer, other drivers alerted driver, who used residential water hose to extinguish before SAFD arrived; no injuries, no damage to state property; trailer contents possibly ignited by discarded cigarette
18-October-2017 Lubbock 18-100-10 Accidental Lubbock SSLC piece of toast caught in toaster, smoked enough to set off alarm, staff member extinguished, no damage
18-October-2017 Austin 18-107-10 Accidental Texas School for the Deaf sparks from cutting of metal A/C handler fell behind fire blanket, ignited plastic underneath; extinguisher used, damage only to data cables for IT equipment; building not occupied
18-October-2017 Denton 18-114-10 Accidental University of North Texas fraternity house; sheets stapled to bathroom ceiling for "ceremony, candles caught sheets on fire, sprinkler system activated and extinguished
12-October-2017 Pollock 18-097-10 Undetermined Lufkin SSLC dumpster fire, no other damage, several possible causes
11-October-2017 El Paso 18-088-10 Accidental University of Texas at El Paso small stovetop fire in student apartment, student extinguished it, no FD response, no evacuation
10-October-2017 Lubbock 18-082-10 Accidental Texas Tech University Horn Residence Hall; employees trying to cut an opening into dryer vent system on third floor caused small fire with sparks from side grinder igniting lint buildup
4-October-2017 San Antonio 18-112-10 Accidental TAMU San Antonio private vehicle in parking lot; hood insulation fell on engine, ignited; SAFD responded
23-September-2017 El Paso 18-045-09 Accidental University of Texas at El Paso trash can fire behind Liberal Arts Building, PD extinguished; no damage, no FD response
18-September-2017 Waco 18-039-09 Accidental Texas State Technical College staff discovered after tenants of off-campus housing evicted there had been a cooking fire on stove top; minimal damage
9-September-2017 Corpus Christi 18-024-09 Accidental TAMU Corpus Christi apartment occupants cooked chicken in oven, left unattended; burning chicken sent smoke into apartment; full evacuation, damage confined to one apartment

Fiscal Year 2017

State building fires
Date of fire City Case Number Fire cause Business name Description
19-August-2017 San Antonio 17-608-08 Accidental San Antonio SSLC fire in residence; fire/explosion in AC compressor for residence, explosion attributed to city public service power outage
30-July-2017 Mexia 18-003-09 Incendiary Mexia SSLC client set bathroom toilet paper dispenser on fire; alarm system actuated, building safely evacuated
30-July-2017 Huntsville 17-567-07 Accidental TDCJ building fire in kitchen, stove left on by tenant's child
25-July-2017 Waco 17-554-07 Accidental Texas State Technical College fire in residential kitchen; resident returned and found small smoldering fire on stove, extinguished with water
20-July-2017 Mexia 17-538-07 Accidental Mexia SSLC smoking material discarded in potted plant on front porch of general store; extinguished with portable extinguisher; no fire department
19-July-2017 Houston 17-538-07 Accidental University of Houston UH property, plastic tub placed on stove, burner accidentally turned on, flames activated sprinkler system which extinguished fire, full evacuation
18-July-2017 San Antonio 17-579-08 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO new construction--fire in small mulch pile caused by construction worker smoking; no damage
9-July-2017 Carlsbad 17-511-07 Incendiary San Angelo SSLC client smuggled lighter into facility, ignited clothing; extinguished quickly, no damage, no injury
6-July-2017 Austin 17-501-07 Undetermined Austin SSLC small fire on diesel-powered lawnmower, extinguished with portable extinguisher, no building damage
5-July-2017 Mexia 17-498-07 Incendiary Mexia SSLC vacant guest house burned
2-July-2017 Huntsville 17-514-07 Undetermined  TDCJ Estelle Unit offender tried to light oven with lit paper instead of the electric ignitor; flash fire, self-extinguished
30-June-2017 El Paso 17-509-07 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO discarded fireworks in and around dumpster at recreational sports center; PD used extinguisher
26-June-2017 Houston 17-521-07 Accidental University of Houston small fire (mainly smoke) in fryer on commercial property; caused by buildup of grease from improper cleaning; no evacuation
26-June-2017 Corpus Christi 17-490-06 Accidental TAMU Corpus Christi Center for Science classroom--electrical panel on water heater shorted, causing smoke and fire; extinguished by staff
13-June-2017 Houston 17-464-06 Accidental University of Houston small fire in wall-mounted light fixture in M.D. Anderson Library; alarm sounded, building evacuated; Houston FD responded
9-June-2017 Austin 17-458-06 Incendiary UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN unknown subject lit toilet paper in San Jacinto Hall dorm, alarms evacuated, building evacuated, fire contained to paper roll, minimal damage, UTPD investigating
27-May-2017 Carlsbad 17-442-05 Accidental San Angelo SSLC grilling accident at adjunct residential cabins, damage to grill only, no injuries
13-May-2017 Austin 17-426-05 Incendiary UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN fire at Graduate School of Business construction site; found/extinguished by construction workers, several incidences of vandalism and damage, one acetylene tank set on fire
30-April-2017 Houston 17-409-05 Accidental University of Houston small rooftop fire at Moody Towers; attributed to carelessly discarded smoking material
26-April-2017 Odessa 17-396-04 Accidental UT-Permian Basin unattended cooking fire in dorm; damage confined to stove area; est. $8000 damage
26-April-2017 Corpus Christi 17-440-05 Accidental TAMU Corpus Christi Miramar Apts., exhaust fan in joint bathroom overheated, created smoke; extinguished quickly, minimal damage, evacuation successful
23-April-2017 El Paso 17-393-04 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO trash can outside Fox Fine Arts building, put out by staff with extinguisher by staff, no building damage
16-April-2017 Tennessee Colony 17-377-04 Undetermined TDCJ Coffield Unit fire in main kitchen (bakery); possible suspicious activity on surveillance video; no further developments, no prosecution
15-April-2017 Carlsbad 17-379-04 Incendiary San Angelo SSLC client set fire to tree with lighter and rags, has history of fires, no other damage
4-April-2017 Mart 17-364-04 Incendiary McLennan County State
Juvenile Correctional Facility
juvenile inmate set tissue paper, styrofoam tray on fire, staff extinguished, no damage, no injuries, individual on "lighter restriction"
4-April-2017 El Paso 17-359-04 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO small leaf pile caught fire from improperly discarded cigarette, extinguished with water
4-April-2017 Pollock 17-358-04 Undetermined Lufkin SSLC fire in garbage pen; damage only to trash, extinguished by staff
4-April-2017 Mart 17-356-04 Incendiary McLennan County State
Juvenile Correctional Facility
juvenile inmate set mattress stuffing on fire, staff extinguished, minimal damage
3-April-2017 Mart 17-355-04 Incendiary McLennan County State
Juvenile Correctional Facility
juvenile inmate set toilet paper, mattress on fire, staff extinguished, minimal damage
2-April-2017 Wichita Falls 17-352-04 Incendiary North Texas State Hospital patient obtained lighter, set fire to clothes in hamper/bed; staff extinguished, minimal damage
27-March 2017 Lockhart 17-346-03 Accidental Tex. Dept. State Health Services regional office, refrigeration unit started smoking, no fire, no damage except to unit
26-March 2017 Mart 17-357-04 Undetermined McLennan County State
Juvenile Correctional Facility
dryer overheated, caused smoke but no fire
23-March 2017 Kingsville 17-339-03 Undetermined TXDOT office being remodeled, possibly electrical, small amount of damage
22-March 2017 Lubbock 17-337-03 Accidental Texas Tech University sports performance center under construction, welding slag fell onto insulation bundles below and ignited them
18-March 2017 Houston 17-334-03 Accidental University of Houston cooking fire in apartment oven, extinguished with fire extinguisher, minimal damage
15-March 2017 El Paso 17-313-03 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO cooking fire in Canyon Copper Hall dorm room, resident quickly extinguished
6-March 2017 El Paso 17-312-03 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO trash can outside Mike Loya building; PD officer used extinguisher, no other damage; improperly discarded smoking materials
3-March 2017 Houston 17-333-03 Accidental University of Houston MD Anderson Cancer center small fire in electrical room; self-extinguished, minimal damage
1-March 2017 Houston 17-332-03 Accidental University of Houston fire in vent fan in apartment bathroom because of malfunction/lack of fan housekeeping; damage only to the one apartment
27-February 2017 Mexia 17-280 -02 Undetermined Mexia SSLC fire in old barracks used for storage, no electricity
24-February 2017 Vernon 17-303-03 Undetermined North Texas State Hospital electric receptacle caught fire when employee tried to unplug heater, receptacle replaced, no other damage
23-February 2017 Vernon 17-302-03 Undetermined North Texas State Hospital open land at road, no structures nearby, small amount of grass on hospital property burned
13-February 2017 Mexia 17-255-02 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident admitted setting dorm room bed on fire, building evacuated, limited damage
13-February 2017 Tyler 17-254-02 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT Tyler pan of grease or butter caught fire, employee ran under sprinkler head, it activated, building evacuated, minimal damage confined to small area.
9-February 2017 Houston 17-259-02 Accidental University of Houston small fire in chilled water tower caused by rectifier malfunction, light smoke in building, evacuation, damage to part only
1-February 2017 Austin 17-229-02 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN fire in science lab oven during a project; contained to oven, oven malfunctioned, manufacturer to be contacted
24-January 2017 Beeville 17-218-01 Accidental TAMU Beeville welding on fence gate caused grass fire, approximately 120 acres burned
13-January 2017 Houston 17-207-01 Accidental University of Houston Calhoun Lofts apartments, small fire on A/C blower motor in mechanical room, building evacuated
12-January 2017 El Paso 17-201-01 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO trash can fire in theater scenery shop, damage confined to trash can and smoke. PD used hand-held extinguisher
9-January 2017 Mexia 17-199-01 Incendiary Mexia SSLC dumpster fire near voc.ed. workshop building, contained to dumpster, no evacuation
8-January 2017 Mexia 17-198-01 Incendiary Mexia SSLC dumpster fire between campus canteen and dining room; no evacuation needed, no building damage
6-January 2017 Lubbock 17-192-01 Incendiary Lubbock SSLC resident set fire to papers in his room, minor damage and smoke damage
4-January 2017 Galveston 17-182-01 Incendiary UTMB John Sealy Hospital partial evacuation because of smoke; bed set on fire in surgical waiting room in unused portion of building
31-December-2016 Giddings 17-183-12 Accidental Giddings State School dryer and contents in dorm laundry area, damage limited to dryer and contents
16-December-2016 San Antonio 17-145-12 Accidental San Antonio State Hospital new heating unit being installed, oil in unit created smoke, which went into building, building evacuated; SAFD found fire, no damage
12-December-2016 EL PASO 17-136-12 Undetermined UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO fire in trash can outside book store; extinguished with hand-held extinguisher; no building damage, possible discarded cigarette
12-December-2016 Mexia 17-133-12 Incendiary Mexia SSLC unknown subject destroyed die cast toy car, self-extinguished
10-December-2016 Houston 17-151-12 Accidental University of Houston Hilton Hotel--Eric's Grill; grease fire on the grill, no FD response, extinguished by cook, no property damage
7-December-2016 Austin 17-149-12 Accidental University of Texas System Administration unauthorized person flying drone near building under construction; drone flew into building; battery damaged and dislodged; fell into grease near man-lift; smouldered, extinguished quickly; no damage to building
5-December-2016 Gatesville 17-123-12 Accidental Gatesville Women's State Jail, Linda Woodman Unit laundry room and equipment, cotton and other items taken out of dryer, put in cloth bags, left for folding later, items ignited, fire spread, damaged some furnishings in room
3-December-2016 Pollock 17-122-12 Accidental Lufkin SSLC golf cart being driven at time of fire, towel ignited from engine heat
2-December-2016 Houston 17-132-12 Accidental University of Houston Melcher Hall: outlet under desk with cell phone charger plugged in caught fire, extinguished by staff; damage to desk, outlet, charger, upholstered chair; melted wiring, may have been electrical
30-November-2016 Richardson 17-119-12 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS apartment complex under construction, fire contained to roof (unattended tar mop saturated with pre-heated combustible roofing compound), damage apprx. $200,000
20-November-2016 San Marcos 17-131-12 Accidental Texas State University fire in grease fryer in Panda Express kitchen, staff couldn't extinguish. FD found second gas supply line, shut it off, extinguished; no damage to state property, no injuries
16-November-2016 Austin 17-098-11 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN San Antonio parking garage, private car caught fire; FD said electrical short near battery
16-November-2016 Mexia 17-105-11 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident took his shirt off and lit it and toilet paper with lighter, building evacuated as precaution, practically no damage
14-November-2016 Houston 17-109-11 Accidental University of Houston Science Center: subject disposing chemicals after experiment, waste container had remnants of other chemical, reaction and explosion ensued; subject taken to hospital for treatment, hazmat decontaminated the room
13-November-2016 Bandera 17-097-11 Undetermined Hill Country State Natural Area barn fire, also investigated by TPWD, east end of barn heavily damaged; possibly connected to criminal mischief in another part of park
12-November-2016 Abilene 17-096-11 Accidental TDCJ Robertson Unit tractor caught fire in storage barn (electrical), spread to adjacent tractor
30-October-2016 El Paso 17-084-10 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO new popcorn maker at Haskins Center concession stand caught fire, only machine damaged
16-October-2016 Houston 17-072-10 Undetermined University of Houston sign on exterior of Student Center caught fire; UH PD extinguished, no buildings affected, determined to be criminal mischief
12-October-2016 Laredo 17-060-10 Accidental TAMU Laredo trash bin at construction site; no damage to any building
10-October-2016 Denton 17-052-10 Undetermined Texas Woman's University small trash can fire in 19th floor maintenance room of 24-story dorm; partial, then complete evacuation; quick extinguishment, minimal damage
30-September-2016 Austin 17-038-09 Incendiary UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN unknown subject put book in microwave at Perry-Casteñada library, turned it on, walked away; fire contained to microwave, UTPD investigating
21-September-2016 Mexia 17-032-09 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident took his shirt off outside building and lit it on fire, then patted it out with his hands; no other damage
16-September-2016 Austin 17-025-09 Undetermined Austin State Hospital dumpster fire; extinguished by AFD
15-September-2016 Austin 17-028-09 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN J.J. Pickle Campus, small fire in mech. room, damage isolated to gas exhaust scrubber
7-September-2016 Laredo 17-009-09 Accidental TAMU Laredo trash truck arrived on campus, smoke noted coming from compacter area, pulled into Cowert Hall parking lot; small trash bag on fire pulled from truck, no damage to state property

Fiscal Year 2016

State building fires
Date of fire City Case Number Fire cause Business name Description
15-August-2016 Mexia 16-632-08 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident ignited papers in dorm bathroom; placed them inside ceiling tiles; smoke detected quickly, self extinguished; minimal damage.
14-August-2016 Houston 16-628-08 Accidental University of Houston Cougar Place Apartments; small fire in microwave, self-extinguished, HFD responded
9-August-2016 Austin 16-622-08 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN flash fire in Molecular Biology Building during preparation of slides with 70% ethanol solution; damage limited to beaker, portable extinguisher used
7-August-2016 Mexia 16-614-08 Incendiary Mexia SSLC laundry cart found burning, another found already burned outside housing unit; staff extinguished quickly, no other damage
3-August-2016 San Antonio 16-610-08 Accidental TAMU San Antonio construction workers welding, extinguished quickly, approximately 16 sf, no buildings damaged
2-August-2016 Gainesville 16-611-08 Accidental TJJD Gainesville dryer fire while drying mop heads and rags; contained to dryer, full building evacuation, no other damage
25-July-2016 Houston 16-590-07 Accidental University of Houston air handler unit in mech room caught fire, extinguished by security officer, bearing grease was dripping into motor windings, heating to ignition temperature
23-July-2016 Houston 16-589-07 Accidental University of Houston Hilton Hotel fire in air handler in mechanical room, extinguished with portable extinguisher, complete evacuation
22-July-2016 San Antonio 16-586-07 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO Biotechnology Sciences & Engineering lab fire; water damage from sprinkler activation; fire damage limited to trash can, cardboard box, workbench; one minor injury when beaker exploded, chemical(s) not identified
14-July-2016 Alpine 16-567-07 Accidental SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY dumpster fire behind Gallego Center, smoking bag of trash found, construction personnel said they put back with sawdust, mineral spirits, other trash in dumpster
13-July-2016 Big Spring 16-575-07 Accidental Big Spring State Hospital cardboard under pallets of water bottles on truck parked in sun ignited; bottles acted as prisms
12-July-2016 Houston 16-565-07 Accidental University of Houston portable torch being used in roofing work caught wood on fire; mostly extinguished by contractor, HFD extinguished hot spots.
24-June-2016 Houston 16-531-06 Accidental University of Houston Calhoun Lofts -- kitchen towel found burning on stove top, security officer extinguished in sink, partial evacuation
20-June-2016 Arlington 16-532-06 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON cooling fan motor caused minor damage to cooling tower support structure
18-June-2016 El Paso 16-518-06 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO student heating oil in pan set off smoke alarm, Miner Village building briefly evacuated
15-June-2016 Austin 16-508-06 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN lab oven in Chemical/Petroleum Engineering Building caught plastic container on fire; no other damage; no evacuation
3-June-2016 San Marcos 16-510-06 Accidental TSU exhaust fan in San Marcos Hall bathroom overheated, caused small fire and smoke, no other damage
24-May-2016 El Paso 16-483-05 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO contractor was welding, radiant heat activated sprinkler head, flooded basement, partial evacuation
10-May-2016 Alpine 16-471-05 Accidental SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY dryer fire in dorm/apartment building laundry room, limited damage to back of unit
3-May-2016 El Paso 16-455-05 Accidental UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO elevator motor started smoking from pump malfunction, set off smoke alarm, dorm elevator out of service until fixed
1-May-2016 Victoria 16-450-05 Accidental University of Houston - Victoria Jaguar Hall kitchen grill, cooking fire from accumulated grease, no damage
30-April-2016 Huntsville 16-448-05 Accidental SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY Dorm student charging hoverboard, fire extinguished by SHSU PD, occupant treated for smoke inhalation, minimal damage
23-April-2016 College Station 16-435-04 Accidental TAMU vet lab electrical short in junction box to old refrigerator, extinguished with hand-held extinguisher, minimal damage
23-April-2016 Austin 16-436-04 Accidental Texas Memorial Museum lights being turned on for use, flame seen on ceiling track lighting unit, lights turned off, flames extinguished, fire alarm, no damage, no injuries
22-April-2016 Longview 16-431-04 Accidental DPS office power surge caused power strip to overheat and melt; minimal damage
20-April-2016 Denton 16-425-04 Accidental Texas Woman's University leased buildings lighting strike on roof of one building, complete evacuation
14-April-2016 Corpus Christi 16-423-04 Accidental TAMU Corpus Christi small fire at Conrad Blucher Institute, box of drones found burning, probably faulty battery pack, building evacuated, room closed for repairs
2-April-2016 Midland 16-407-04 Undetermined TXDOT Engineering/maintenance site's new generator caught fire after power outage
28-March-2016 College Station 16-392-03 Undetermined TAMU Rec. Sports Complex construction area/weight room, building expansion; construction materials damaged, deemed not suspicious, no specific cause identified
16-March-2016 El Paso 16-377-03 Accidental UTEP Miner Canyon Canyon dorms, Copper Hall Possible electrical short in dorm room, toaster caught fire, hand extinguisher used, no other damage
9-March-2016 Bryan 16-354-03 Accidental TAMU Riverside Campus chem lab visiting foreign scholar using vacuum pump to separate material w/ hexane suffered 2nd degree burns when vapors ignited, taken to Hermann Memorial Hospital Houston in critical condition, minimal damage to room
6-March-2016 Commerce 16-362-03 Undetermined TAMU Commerce small fire in dorm room bathroom, minimal damage
5-March-2016 Corpus Christi 16-350-03 Accidental TAMU Corpus Christi science lab fire; table-top oven left on, heating within room; small oven fire quickly extinguished; no structural damage
1-March-2016 Houston 16-360-03 Accidental University of Houston dining facility kitchen, cloths left under gas-fired griddle while griddle in use, fire extinguished by staff with portable extinguisher, no evacuation needed
19-February-2016 Austin 16-318-02 Accidental ASSLC vehicle crashed into shed on property, caught fire, minor damage to shed roof, vehicle occupants taken to hospital, no residents or staff in danger, no other building damage
12-February-2016 College Station 16-302-02 Accidental TAMU unattended cooking fire at conference center, hood extinguishing system activated, alarm activated, total evacuation, no building damage
9-February-2016 Nacogdoches 16-341-03 Undetermined SFA University student center; hot tempura batter placed in colander set boxes and paper good above on fire, sprinkler head activated, minimized fire damage, pipe ruptured on third floor causing flood damage, complete evacuation
4-February-2016 Houston 16-293-02 Accidental University of Houston apartment fire, plastic can for discarded cigarettes on patio caught fire, extinguished with handheld extinguisher
4-February-2016 Denton 16-288-02 Accidental Denton SSLC grass fire at gate entrance, caused by cigarette, extinguished by employee, no structures damaged
3-February-2016 Corpus Christi 16-289-02 Accidental TAMU smell of burning rubber in Dugan Wellness Center mechanical room, no structural damage
28-January-2016 College  Station 16-269-01 Undetermined TAMU trashcan fire in Mosher dorm, ceiling above damaged, extinguished by sprinkler system
20-January-2016 San Marcos 16-249-01 Accidental TSU fire in Bexar hall dorm room, candle ignited plastic toothbrush holder, extinguished with fire extinguisher, no other damage
15-January-2016 Gainesville 16-257-01 Undetermined Gainesville TJJD fire in cafeteria laundry room in load of towels and work aprons, staff extinguished with handheld extinguisher, minimal damage
13-January-2016 Gainesville 16-235-01 Undetermined Gainesville TJJD fire in cafeteria laundry room when laundry being moved from dryer; staff took it outside and extinguished; no building damage
3-January-2016 Denton 16-226-01 Accidental Denton SSLC resident turned burner on, placed pizza box on it and left kitchen; smoke alarm sounded, staff member found box on fire and extinguisher in sink
30-December-2015 Cleburne 16-213-12 Undetermined TxDOT 2 sand-spreading trucks damaged by carport fire that started in one of the trucks
3-December-2015 Laredo 16-182-12 Accidental TAMU Laredo mechanical at Vergara Science Center, damage to air handler motor
3-December-2015 Laredo 16-181-12 Accidental TAMU Laredo small dorm room oven fire, no damage
24-November-2015 Laredo 16-155-11 Accidental TAMU Laredo electrical plant backup battery overheated, caught fire; extinguished by staff, no other damage
12-November-2015 Houston 16-139-11 Undetermined UT Health Science fire in parking garage shaft, exact area of origin could not be viewed; possibly discarded cigarette
unknown; assigned 3-November-2015 Houston 16-118-11 Accidental University of Houston Cambridge Oaks Apartments cooking fire, tenant extinguished with baking soda, did not report, did not find until later inspection, minor damage
30-October-2015 Tyler 16-121-11 Incendiary UT Tyler SFMO inspector saw foam decoration with melted edge on dorm room door; campus police interviewed occupant, who said he held his lighter to decoration; no charges filed
28-October-2015 Austin 16-111-10 Accidental UT Austin Biomedical Engineering Building lab oven caught fire, fire confined to oven, full evacuation because of smoke, no injuries
21-October-2015 Mexia 16-099-10 Incendiary Mexia SSLC resident removed his shirt, set it on fire, threw it on floor, staff member stomped it out, no property damage
19-October-2015 Odessa 16-098-10 Undetermined UT Permian Basin student's car caught fire in front of student housing; owner working on car shortly before fire; minimal damage to state property
9-October-2015 San Antonio 16-088-10 Accidental San Antonio SSLC fire at duplex receptacle with power cord for motorized bed in patient room; full evacuation
7-October-2015 Mexia 16-066-10 Undetermined Mexia SSLC overhead power line may have arced, ignited grass below; small area burned between two buildings, no other damage
29-September-2015 San Antonio 16-049-10 Accidental San Antonio State Hospital electrical transfer box ignited small grass fire at parking lot, extinguished by employee
28-September-2015 Athens 16-041-09 Accidental TXDOT warehouse minor damage from small fire in palletted plastic road barriers; ignited by hot fragments from metal halide light on ceiling; extinguished by employees
20-September-2015 Mesquite Bay 16-040-09 Undetermined floating TPWD cabin burned to waterline
14-September-2015 San Antonio 16-048-10 Incendiary San Antonio State Hospital client set fire to curtains, extinguished by employee
3-September-2015 Texarkana 16-005-09 Undetermined TAMU Texarkana computer caught fire in library, caused smoke to fill room, minimal damage
1-September-2015 Tyler 16-004-09 Undetermined UT Tyler student apartment, small stovetop fire, minor smoke damage, student received minor burns to arms
1-September-2015 Tyler 16-003-09 Undetermined UT Tyler small fire in woods in undeveloped part of campus, less than 1/4 acre burned

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