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Product Evaluation - Hinged Doors Drawings

Hinged Doors - Fiberglass Impact Resistant Drawings
Manufacturer/Distributor Product Evaluation Number(s) Drawings Number
Guardian Building Products DR-633 TX-4270 TX-4271
TX-4274 TX-4275
ProBuild Company, LLC DR-634 TX-4276 TX-4277
TX-4278 TX-4279
Right Concepts DR-274 Drawing No. TX-4107 Drawing No. TX-4108
Drawing No. TX-4109
Right Concepts DR-275 Drawing No. TX-4110 Drawing No. TX-4111
Drawing No. TX-4112
Trinity Glass International DR-272 DR-272 TX4150 DR-272 TX4151
DR-272 TX4152 DR-272 4153
Trinity Glass International DR-273 DR-273 TX4154 DR-273 TX4155
DR-273 TX4156 DR-273 TX4157
Taylor Building Products DR-606 DR-606.TX4248 DR-606.TX4249
Therma Tru Products DR-276 DR-276.TX4187 DR-276.TX4184
DR-276.TX4185 DR-276.TX4186
DR-276.TX4188 DR-276.TX4189
Therma-Tru Corporation DR-330 DR-330 INST 3180 R1 DR-330 INST 3181 R1
DR-330 INST 3182 R1 DR-330 INST 3183 R1
DR-330 INST 3184 R1

TX-4190 TX-4191
TX-4192 TX-4193
Therma-Tru Corporation DR-599 DR-599.TX4195 DR-599.TX4196
DR-599.TX4197 DR-599.TX4198
Therma-Tru Corporation DR-601 DR-601.TX4175 DR-601.TX4176
DR-601.TX4177 DR-601.TX4178
DR-601.TX4179 DR-601.TX4180
DR-601.TX4181 DR-601.TX4182
Hinged Doors - Fiberglass Non-Impact Resistant Drawings
Manufacturer/Distributor Product
Drawings Number
Endura Products, Inc. DR-608 DR-608.TX4216 DR-608.TX4217
DR-608.TX4218 DR-608.TX4219
Therma-Tru Corporation DR-600 DR-600.TX4258 DR-600.TX4259
DR-600.TX4260 DR-600.TX4261

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Last updated: 10/28/2019