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Texas Department of Insurance
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Engineering Services and Windstorm Inspections Program News


Date of Release Topic
March 2023 

Third Party Product Evaluations 

January 2023

Changes to TDI Windstorm procedures, TITLE 28. INSURANCE 

September 2020 Faster process for forms and certificates
August 2020 Coastal Building Codes to Change September 1, 2020
July 2020 Supporting documents needed for completed construction certificates
June 2020 TDI begins issuing all windstorm certificates of compliance


Date of Release Engineering Services Program Topic Windstorm Inspections Program Topic
July 2022 2018 IRC Requirements  Monitor queues 
July 2021 Windborne Debris Intake Reminders
May 2021 Exposure Category D / Coastal Berrier Resources Act Updated Windstorm Forms
November/December 2019 Rule proposal on TWIA building codes When to submit a WPI-1
November/December 2018 Evaluation of Membrane Roof Coverings Windstorm System Reminders
September/October 2018 Product Evaluation Reports Missing or Mislabeled Building Products
June/July 2018 Termination of the Asphalt Shingle List Commencement of Construction Date and First Inspection Date
February/March 2018 Wind Speed Comparisons (ASCE 7-05 vs ASCE 7-10) Phone Menu Update
June/July 2017 Manufactured and Modular Homes Windstorm Zones
April/May 2017 Ongoing Improvements Vs. Completed Improvements and Upcoming Windstorm Inspection Orientation Webinars Submitting Inspection Verification Forms (WPI-2s)
February/March 2017 Complying with House Bill 2439 and Updates to the Texas Administrative Code System Function Reminders and the Commencement of Construction Date
October/November 2016 Updated Texas Administrative Code - Appointed Engineer Orientation Webinar Coming Soon Windstorm System Flags
April/May 2016 TDI Rule Update Relating to House Bill 2439 Open Records Process Change, WPI-1 Process Change (One Structure per Application)
February/March 2016 Verifying applications using the Windstorm System Determining a physical address
October/November 2015 TDI Windstorm System training webinars Making corrections using the Windstorm System
August/September 2015 Changes resulting from the 2015 Legislative Session Introducing the new Windstorm System and its benefits
April/May 2015 Storm Doors and Windows When to Submit an Application for Windstorm Inspection Certificate of Compliance (WPI-1)
February/March 2015 Wood Structural Panel Shutters - Attachment to a Residential Structure Procedures for Canceling an Application
December 2014/January 2015 Wood Structural Panel Shutters Documenting an Address: Physical versus Mailing
August/September 2014 Anchorage of Rooftop AC Units Submitting Open Records Requests

June/July 2014

Aluminum Screen Enclosures
* Educational information referenced in the article

Repairs vs. Alterations
April/May 2014 Garage and Large Window Framing Procedures for Documenting Alterations/Openings
February/March 2014 Achieved/Legacy Product Evaluation Reports Procedures for Making Corrections to Your Documentation

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Last updated: 3/20/2023