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Texas Department of Insurance
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How to file proceedings-related documents with DWC

You can send us BRC exchanges and CCH exhibits one of the following ways:

  • Email
  • Fax
    • BRC exchanges and CCH exhibits can be faxed to: 512-804-4011.
    • Sometimes, faxes over 40 pages long can be interrupted. You should break your fax into sections and place a cover page on each section.
    • Identify the claim number and which section you are faxing (for example, Section 1 of 4, Section 2 of 4, and so on).
  • SFTP
    • If you have an account with DWC, you can upload BRC exchanges and CCH exhibits by SFTP.
    • Naming conventions for files are provided to parties when they sign up for an SFTP account.

Austin representative boxes

The Austin representative boxes have been converted to electronic format.  Documents normally placed in the carrier boxes will be handled through a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) box. Austin representatives can get a date-stamped receipt copy of their documents through the SFTP box, or they can use DWC’s fax-back receipt service.

Set up SFTP or fax-back receipts

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): An SFTP account is a secure, electronic way to upload your documents.
Last updated: 2/15/2024