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DWC Form-032, Request for Designated Doctor Examination FAQ

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Certain DD and RME Exam Resume. See Commissioner's Bulletin # B-0030-20, Issued June 4, 2020

Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0010-20: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - workers’ compensation issues

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Questions from injured employees

Q: I do not want to risk my health by going to a DD exam or RME. Is there anything else I can do? What will happen if I don’t go?
A: You must attend the exam unless you are sick or have other issues. Contact the doctor if you need to reschedule the appointment or contact DWC at, or 1-800-252-7031, Option 1. Failure to attend the exam without it being rescheduled could result in your benefits being suspended.

Q: What is the cleaning or disinfecting protocol for the facility and who is doing it?
A: DWC encourages all DD and RME doctors to follow Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. You can find DSHS guidelines at:  You can find CDC guidelines at:  Doctors must also follow the requirements of their licensing board. If you have concerns about the safety of a facility, contact DWC at, or 1-800-252-7031, Option 1.

Q: What do I do if the doctor or the facility is not following safety guidelines?
A: Contact DWC at, or 1-800-252-7031, Option 1.
Q: Can I attend a DD exam or RME by telemedicine?
A: No. Telemedicine visits are not allowed for DD or RME appointments.  You must attend the exam in person.
Q: I have been ordered to an exam. Will the doctor provide supplies for a safe exam like masks?  Does the doctor have to use social distancing measures?
A: Contact the doctor’s office to see if personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided for the exam. You may want to go to the exam with your own PPE.  DWC encourages health care providers to follow DSHS and CDC guidelines.  You can find DSHS guidelines at:  You can find CDC guidelines at:  Doctors must also follow the requirements of their licensing boards. 

Questions from requesters

Q: Can I still submit requests for designated doctor (DD) exams?
A: Yes. You may still submit a request for a DD exam. DWC suspended processing DD exam requests on March 25, 2020, until further notice. DWC will hold all requests. You do not need to resend requests.

Q: Will 90-day finality for maximum medical improvement (MMI) and impairment rating (IR) be stopped or disputed if a DWC Form-032 is submitted?
A: Yes. System participants must dispute a first certification of MMI or assigned IR by requesting and setting a Benefit Review Conference or—if a DD has not been appointed—by submitting DWC Form-032 to request a DD exam. You fulfill the requirement to dispute a certification of MMI and IR timely if DWC receives your DWC Form-032 within 90 days from the date the first MMI or IR determination was delivered to the injured employee.

Q: I submitted DWC Form-032 but have not received an order. Should I submit a new one?
A: No. DWC suspended processing DD exam requests on March 25, 2020, until further notice. Please do not send a new DWC Form-032.

Q: Are electronic signatures acceptable on DWC Form-032?
A: Yes.

Q: When should I expect an order?
A: DWC will give direction to stakeholders before issuing orders.

Q: Will my DWC Form-032 expire?
A: DWC Form-032s do not expire, but DWC will give direction about whether a new DWC Form-032 is needed.

Q: Is the statutory MMI date for an injured employee affected by the COVID-19 emergency declaration from Governor Abbott or the Commissioner of Workers’ Compensation bulletin?
A: No.

Q: Are MMI and IR exams by treating doctors (non-DD/RME) also suspended?
A: No. MMI/IR exams by a treating doctor can occur if the injured employee and the treating doctor agree. These exams are not allowed through telemedicine or telehealth.

Questions from designated doctors (DDs)

Q: I was offered an exam, and I returned an appointment selection response (ASR) sheet. I have not received an order for the exam. What should I do next?
A: DWC suspended processing ASRs received after March 25, 2020. DWC will contact the person who submitted the ASR before issuing orders in the future.

Q: I received an order for an exam, but the exam did not occur because the injured employee could not attend, or I did not receive medical records. What is my responsibility for this exam?
A: DDs must notify DWC if they were not able to perform an exam before March 25, 2020.

For exam scheduling issues after March 25, 2020, DDs do not need to notify DWC until further notice, since they are unable to specify a date and time to reschedule the exam. DWC understands that many exams, once rescheduled, will fall outside of the 21-day period for exam reschedules.

Q: I submitted a request for an exam to be “redesignated,” but I have not received a response. What should I do next?
A: DWC will not respond to requests to choose another DD until further notice, since all DD exams are suspended. DWC will hold requests to choose another doctor.

Q: I conducted a DD exam but have not completed the narrative report because I am waiting for additional testing of the injured employee. What should I do with this DD exam? I submitted a request for additional time.
A: DWC has suspended all DD and referral exams until further notice. We will continue to respond to requests for additional time to complete reports for exams that have already occurred.

Q: I conducted a DD exam that did not require additional testing. However, the DD narrative report is still outstanding. What should I do with this pending narrative report?
A: DDs must submit required reports according to regular timeframes for exams that have already happened.

Q: Will in-state and out-of-state exam requests be processed at this time?
A: DWC will not process requests for in-state or out-of-state DD exams until further notice.

Last updated: 6/23/2021