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Texas Department of Insurance
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What insurance do college students need?


Whether you’re an entering freshman or about to wrap up your senior year, it pays to make sure your insurance needs are in order. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Auto insurance

    Taking a car: Let your insurance agent know in case the premium is higher or lower in the city where your school is. If you’re going to school outside of Texas, review requirements in the other state to make sure you have the right coverage. And be prepared to miss Tex-Mex.

    Going wheel-less: If you’ll be driving less, let your agent know. It could save you or your parents some money. And ask about a liability policy if you drive a friend’s car on occasion.

  2. Health insurance

    You can stay on your parent’s health policy until you turn 26. Make sure to check with your insurer to see if the plan has in-network doctors, emergency rooms, and hospitals where you will be living to avoid any surprise bills. And don’t forget to ask about filling prescriptions while you’re away.

  3. Covering your stuff

    Your personal property may be covered by your parent's homeowners policy even in your dorm or apartment; check with your agent to find out. If it doesn’t, consider getting a renters policy, which will cover personal belongings and provide liability coverage.



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Last updated: 5/15/2024