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5 tips for safe winter driving

Winter’s freezing temperatures can create dangerous road conditions for employees who drive for work. Help your employees prepare themselves and their vehicles to handle hazards or emergencies they may come across when they can’t avoid traveling on wintry roads. Our tips can help.

Driving Winter

1Winterize vehicles

Explain the importance of winterizing vehicles used for work by always keeping the gas tank full and checking the battery, brakes, tire pressure, oil level, antifreeze, heater, windshield wipers and fluid, ignition system, headlights, and hazard lights.

2Keep an emergency kit

Equip company-owned vehicles with emergency gear, and encourage employees to keep emergency supply kits in all vehicles used for work. Kits should include cell phone charger; hand-crank or battery-operated radio; jumper cables; flares; matches; blankets; sand or cat litter; shovel; tow rope; basic toolkit; extra water and nonperishable food; and other items.

3Plan ahead

Advise employees to check weather and road conditions to choose the safest travel routes and times to travel by contacting the National Weather Service (NWS) or the Texas Department of Transportation’s highway road conditions page. Allow extra time for travel on slick roads.

4Go slowly

Remind employees to reduce their speed and increase following distances on wintry surfaces, be extra careful in shaded areas, and avoid bridges, overpasses, and ramps when possible – elevated roadways are the first to freeze in cold weather.

5Monitor weather alerts

The local NWS will issue notices (advisory, watch, and warnings) when snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, or extreme temperatures are predicted. Understand the meaning of these alerts, notify employees of severe weather, and allow them to be safe by staying home or working remotely.


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Last updated: 3/5/2018