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Texas Department of Insurance
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A Little History About TDI

"TDI" stands for the Texas Department of Insurance! People at TDI help Texans with their insurance questions. TDI is a state agency. The people who work at TDI "regulate" insurance. That means they make sure that everyone obeys the law and that people who buy insurance are treated fairly. If you ever have a question about insurance, call TDI!

The Texas Legislature created the state's first insurance department in 1876. It was the start of something big!

Today, more than 1,100 people work at TDI. They help people with all kinds of insurance. Insurance helps pay to fix or replace things that get damaged. If your parents own your house, they probably have "homeowners insurance." If a storm damages your house, homeowners insurance might help your parents pay to fix it. If your parents drive, they should have automobile insurance. Automobile insurance can pay to fix a car damaged in a wreck. There are lots of other kinds of insurance. Health insurance will pay for you to go to the doctor if you are sick. You can even get insurance for your pet!

TDI also helps make Texas a safer place to live. TDI has a Fire Safety House that can teach you and your friends about safety. It's on wheels so it can go to schools and other places! You can also visit your local fire department to learn about fire safety. Visit FEMA's Keeping Kids Safe from Fire page for other fun fire-safety activities!

For more information on insurance, safety tips, and activities, explore the rest of TDI's kids' section. Happy reading!