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Texas Department of Insurance
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Guidance for Weston policyholders who live along the Texas coast


If you live along the Texas coast, you may be able to get windstorm and hail coverage through a private market insurance company or the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA).

To be insured through TWIA:

  • You must live in TWIA’s “Designated Catastrophe Area.” View map
  • You must work with your agent to get TWIA coverage.
  • A property normally needs a windstorm certificate of compliance. Residential properties without a certificate can most likely still qualify for TWIA coverage but will need to pay a surcharge. If your commercial property doesn't have a certificate, you should contact TWIA.

    To find a certificate of compliance:

If you have questions about TWIA coverage, visit TWIA’s webpage or call your agent.

TDI has made it easier for Weston policyholders to get a TWIA policy:

  • More time to apply: You have until November 6, 2022, to apply for a TWIA policy that gives you coverage starting September 7 (this is the date Weston policies will be canceled).
  • Coverage even if a storm is on its way: Even if a storm is in the Gulf of Mexico, you can still buy a policy and be covered for wind and hail damage. You must buy the policy by November 6, 2022.

    (Normally, people can’t buy a TWIA policy if a hurricane is coming into the Gulf of Mexico.)

  • No payment to start coverage: TWIA will set up a special payment plan, which will be available starting August 31. This will give you flexibility in paying your premium. You will not need to make a payment for the first three months of coverage. After that, the premium will be due in equal monthly amounts.

    Your agent can help you find out how much you will owe TWIA and set up a payment plan.

    • Weston policyholders who use this special payment plan must apply by November 6, 2022.
    • If your coverage begins before September 7:
      • Your first payment will be due 90 days after your coverage begins. You will get a bill before that with the amount due.
      • Example: If your coverage begins on September 1, your payment will be due November 30.
    • If your coverage begins on September 7, your first payment will be due December 6, 2022. You will get a bill before that with the amount due.

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Last updated: 2/21/2023