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Texas Department of Insurance
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Writing Policies in Plain Language

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TDI offers a three-part webinar series, “Writing Policies in Plain Language: Learn how to cut jargon, save time, and earn customer trust.”

Colleen Trolove, a plain language trainer and editor, leads the three sessions. Trolove is with Write, a New Zealand company devoted to encouraging plain language in business communications.

Watch the recorded sessions, get PDFs of the presentation slides, and view other resources below.

Webinar sessions and handouts

Webinar 1 - Case study: Writing a policy that people can understand
This webinar recaps the successful rewrite of an insurance policy into plain language from the beginning to final product.

Webinar 2 - How business benefits from plain language
This webinar includes examples and research showing how plain language can make a big difference to your company’s bottom line—and why plain language is as good for your company as it is for your customers.

Webinar 3 - Workshop: Practical plain language exercises
This webinar will help you get started writing your company’s materials in plain language. Before-and-after examples will show you how to transform a dull, ordinary document into something customers easily understand and want to read.

More resources

Go to our Plain language resources webpage to get plain language examples, checklists, links to websites, and other helpful resources.

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Last updated: 12/27/2021