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Texas Department of Insurance
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How we’re making information easier to read

We want to make it easier to understand insurance. That means using clear, simple language and formats that are easy to read. Here are some examples of how we’re improving the ways we provide information.

Cut the jargon

We’re getting rid of complex terms. Why use long words when short ones will do?


You qualify for a contingent non-forfeiture benefit.


You can still get some of your policy benefits even if you can no longer pay for the policy.

Improved formats

We redesigned our website to make it easier to find information. The new website also works better on your phone or tablet.


TDI website – before


TDI website – after

Can you read me now?

The message on this postcard was 358 words long, and the small type was hard to read. We cut it to 102 words and made the type larger.


CE postcard – before



CE postcard – after

Straight talk

We’re rewriting forms to be easier to understand. We want you to know what you’re signing and why.


Form 2016 – before


Form 2016 – after

The checklist

View our checklist to get 10 tips for writing in plain language.

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Last updated: 10/13/2021