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Texas Department of Insurance
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TDI's Advisory Organization and State Agency - Approved/Accepted Reference Filings List (2 of 15)

For information prior to 2009, please download Advisory Organization Form Filings or Rate Filings lists for Property and Casualty from 1999 to 2008.

Indicates new addition since last update. Indicates new addition since last update.

Commercial Automobile
Organization State TOI Filing Type Company Tracking Number Description TDI File / SERFF Tracking Number TDI Link / State Tracking Number Date Approved/ Accepted
ISO Commercial Auto EN CA-2021-OAMFR ISO CA (EN) Commercial Auto, Abuse or Molesetation Liability and Auto Hacking Forms ISOF-133355530 S704586 3/12/23
ISO Commercial Auto PF CA-2019-OFR19 ISO CA (EN) Commercial Auto Communicable Disease Exclusion-Auto Dealers ISOF-132179806 S673902 12/11/20
ISO Commercial Auto EN CL-2020-OEND1 (CA) ISO CA (PF) Revised forms and endorsements for Commercial Auto ISOF-132552145 S683986 10/12/20
ISO Commercial Auto EN CL-2019-OMJFR (CA) ISO CA (EN) Commercial Auto Cannabis Exclusion Endorsements-Auto Dealers ISOF-131932974 S666431 5/11/20
ISO Commercial Auto MR CL-2016-RRU1 ISO CA (MR) Manual Rules for Transportation Network Autos and On-demand Service Autos Exclusions ISOF-130514235 S622629 6/20/18
ISO Commercial Auto PF CL-2016-OFR1 ISO CA (PF) Single Interest Auto Physical Damage, Public or Livery Passenger Conveyance, TNC, & On-Demand Delivery Services Exclusions ISOF-130514154 S622632 10/9/18
ISO Commercial Auto MR CA-2016-OCRF1 ISO CA (MR) Commercial Auto Rules Filing - 99. Financial Responsibility Laws/ -/ Certification ISOF-130570579 S625057 5/16/16
MSO Commercial Auto EN MSO 46-14-04 MSO CA (EN) Commercial Auto Endorsements (Initial Filing) MUOF-129797720 S12287 6/23/15
MSO Commercial Auto PF MSO 46-14-03 MSO CA (PF) Commercial Auto Coverage Forms (Initial Filing) MUOF-129797693 S12286 6/23/15
ISO Commercial Auto MR CA-2013-ORU1 ISO CA (MR) Rule 49 Premium Development for Common Coverage 9212561169 131520 3/7/14
ISO Commercial Auto MR
CA-2013-RPAC1 ISO CA (MR) Revision to Commercial Lines Manual, Div. One - Automobile (Public Autos) 9212560123 130977 1/15/14 (MR)
1/21/14 (RT)
ISO Commercial Auto EN CA-2013-OBIFR ISO CA (EN) Business Interruption 9212560150 130994 11/26/13
ISO Commercial Auto EN CA-2013-OTIPC ISO CA (EN) Exclusion of Terrorism 9212560148 130992 11/26/13
ISO Commercial Auto MR
CA-2013-RBIRU ISO CA (MR, RT) Business Interruption 9212560151 130995 11/26/13 (MR, RT)
ISO Commercial Auto MR CA-2012-RADRU (Mono) ISO CA (MR) Intro. Auto Dealers 9212558952 130381 10/14/13
ISO Commercial Auto PF CA-2012-OADFR ISO CA (PF) Auto Dealers Coverage Forms 9212558932 130364 10/10/13
ISO Commercial Auto EN CL-2013-OCAN1 ISO CA (EN) Texas Changes 28TAC5.7002 Cancellations 9212549716 125653 3/13/13
ISO Commercial Auto MR CA-2012-OUIM2 ISO CA (MR) Revised (UM/UIM) Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage 9212545661 123592 10/25/12
ISO Commercial Auto EN CA-2012-OUIM1 ISO CA (EN) Revised (UM/UIM) Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage 9212545660 123591 10/26/12
ISO Commercial Auto EN CL-2011-OEN1 (A) (CA) ISO CA (EN) Revised Texas Amendatory Endorsements 9212543590 122530 10/9/12 
ISO Commercial Auto EN CL-2011-OEN1 (CA) ISO CA (EN) Revision Due to Recodification of Article 21.56, TX Insurance Code 542.153 9212532027 116426 1/24/12 
ISO Commercial Auto MR CA-2011-ORU1 ISO CA (MR) - Revised (UM/UMI) Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage
9212532039 116438 11/1/11 
ISO Commercial Auto EN CA-2011-OUM1 ISO CA (EN) - Revised (UM/UMI) Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorists Coverage
9212532038 116437 11/1/11
ISO Commercial Auto MR CA-2011-OTLC1 ISO CA Rule - Towing and Labor Costs Coverage 9212524308 112147 3/9/11
ISO Commercial Auto PF
CA-2009-OFR09 (2)
CA-2009-RRU09 (2)
CA-2009-RRU09 (2)
CA-2009-RLC09 (2)
ISO Commercial Auto New & Revised Forms, Rules, & Rates
(A reference of this filing should WITHDRAW Form CA 21 09 01 11 and reference TDI Link #123591)
9212520794 110170 2/15/11 (PF)
12/13/10 (MR)
12/9/10 (RT)
12/9/10 (RT)

For information prior to 2009, please download Advisory Organization Form Filings or Rate Filings lists for Property and Casualty from 1999 to 2008.


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