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Texas Department of Insurance
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May 2022

How to avoid getting struck by lightning


Shocking fact: Lightning can strike 10 miles away from rain.

In any given year, your chances of getting struck by lightning are slim. Of course, if you ignore the dangers of thunderstorms your chances of getting hit go higher.

Heed these tips and avoid zaps from the sky:

  • If you’re outdoors and you see lightning or hear thunder, go inside a sturdy building or get inside a hard-top car or truck and close the windows.
  • Avoid utility poles, barbed wire fences, tractors, and motorcycles.
  • Don’t lie flat. If your hair stands on end, squat down and put your head between your knees.
  • If you’re indoors, stay away from plugged-in appliances and don’t take a shower or bath, wash dishes, or stand near plumbing. Water pipes conduct electricity.

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