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April 7, 2022

Shop to save money on your car insurance


You probably shop for the best prices and quality when you’re looking for new clothes, tech products, and food.

But do you do that for car insurance?

Give it a try.

Quick tips to save on coverage:

  • Shop around. Companies charge different rates. You often get a better deal if you’re willing to switch companies.
  • Ask about available discounts—for a good driving record, for having an alarm in your car, or for taking defensive driving or driver education classes. You could also get a discount for having your auto policy with the same company as your home insurance.
  • Your premium is what you pay up front for coverage. But don’t forget to check on your deductible—what you must pay after an accident before the insurance company pays. A lower deductible usually means you’ll have to pay more up front for the policy. Think about how much you can afford to pony up if your car is damaged.

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