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Texas Department of Insurance
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April 7, 2022

Happy birthday to ‘The Texas Insurance Podcast’

Candles, cake, and consumer tips?

Yep, we’re celebrating a year of providing helpful insurance tips through TDI’s “The Texas Insurance Podcast.”

Every month, Ben Gonzalez of the Texas Department of Insurance talks to insurance experts about issues affecting your home, health, or auto coverage, including how to save money.

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We make it simple: You can listen to any of our episodes on The Texas Insurance Podcast webpage.

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Here are some of our favorite episode tips

  • In the market for a used car? The National Insurance Crime Bureau talks about checking a vehicle’s VIN number to confirm its ownership history. And the Better Business Bureau shares how to avoid scams.

    Listen now: How to check a used car’s history and avoid scams

  • Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) shares storm and hurricane planning advice. TDEM encourages families to have a “go kit” ready in case they need to leave home fast. Your “go kit” should have flashlights, batteries, phone chargers, water, pet food, your regular medicine, and copies of your home insurance and flood policies.

    Listen now: How to prepare for hurricane season

  • The Houston Police Department talks about how to prevent car break-ins. The best step? Don’t leave valuables in your car. Also noted: Today’s thieves often rifle through vehicles looking for loose handguns.

    Listen now: Car burglaries and break-ins are increasing. Here’s how to protect your car

Listen to all 13 episodes at The Texas Insurance Podcast.